Liebster Award

leibster awardMy thanks to fellow blogger Charlotte Ash at Life and Everything for passing along the Liebster Award, which I mistakenly thought you had to be of Jewish decent to receive. I’m Danish, so I guess the “ish” counts for something. Regardless, I’m very flattered to be among the group of budding Liebster Award recipients, which I believe are bloggers with less than 200 likes from Joseph Lieberman.

In keeping with tradition, I will now follow the Five Traditional Rules LA recipients must adhere to:
1) Post 11 facts about myself
2) Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated me asked
3) Choose 11 people to pass the Liebster Award on to (must have fewer than 200 followers) and link them to your post
4) Go to their page and tell them
5) Remember: no tag backs.

Let us begin:

11 facts about myself
1) I’m madly in love with my beautiful wife, Alicia.
2) I never went to college.
3) After graduating high school in Oregon, I moved to Dallas, Texas with $500 and a VW van.
4) In a moment of weakness, I voted for Ross Perot.
5) I didn’t start listening to AC/DC until this year; Yes, I wasted
46 years šŸ˜¦
6) Without coffee, I would die. Seriously, it’s a condition.
7) We have a blended family, two boys (13 and 13) and two girls (11
and 18)
8) One of my sons is autistic, and he has taught me lessons ā€” painful
and joyful ā€” about appreciating the moments in life.
9) Before becoming a humor columnist, I was a corporate chef for 10
years. They said my food tasted funny; I thought it was just
10) My father was a policeman. Four years ago, I joined the fire
department… sorry, Dad.
11) I have a man crush on Steven Spielberg.

The 11 questions asked by Charlotte:
1) What is your favorite colour?
Definitely just about any shade of green. I think there are 50 shades altogether… wait, or is that a book?

2) What was your favorite TV show as a kid?
That’s a tough one. I was a HUGE “Starsky & Hutch” fan, but I’d probably have to say “S.W.A.T.” with Steve Forrest. My friend, David, and I would play it every afternoon, climbing onto his roof with our plastic M-16 rifles and wearing our Cub Scout uniforms (which, back then, was the same color as the SWAT guys’ uniforms). Amazing how times have changed. Today, I’d probably be shot.

3) If you could chose a career without having to spend time qualifying, what would it be?
I’ve been very blessed in that I’ve had two careers like that already, although it took me five years to go from busboy to corporate chef. When I changed careers to journalism, I had no experience; just writing samples. I got hired here at the Siuslaw News over three journalism grads. I’m fortunate enough to say, so far, I have spent my life working in careers I really enjoy and have had success in. Now that I’ve added “firefighter” to the list, I’m set.

4) What is your favorite season?
Definitely the fall. I love the crispness in the air, the coming of winter and all the holidays, the smell of chimney smoke (assuming I’m not on a fire call) and high school football. One of my most favorite things about fall, though, is that it’s the time of year my wife and I met.

5) Tea or coffee?
What is tea?!?

6) What is the thing you are best at?
Lovemaking… Ok, not really ā€” just seeing if you’re still reading. I’d have to say being an observer of things. It’s an important quality to have in successful writing. And lovemaking…

7) If you could learn a skill, what would it be?
Finish carpentry. I added a second story to our house and did most of the work myself… and it shows.

8) If you could have a drink with anyone, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?
My best friend, Jason, who died 10 years ago from cancer. I still miss him every day. Plus, he’s the only other Danish person I know who could drink Gluk without vomiting.

9) If you could change a moment in history, what would it be?
My first instinct is to go with having Justin Beiber’s birth postponed until sometime after I’m dead, but I think I’ll go with having the “magic” bullet miss JFK. I honestly think that singular event, more than any other, began the domino process of pessimistic and self-centered attitude that is gripping our country and so much of the world today. Come to think of it, so is Justin Bieber.

10) What animal would you chose to be?
I’m a wolf nut; I love them. They are majestic, family-oriented and absolutely amazing. I cringe every time they are portrayed as mindless, savage creatures. There are plenty of creatures like that wearing pants to worry about.

11) What fictitious world would you choose to live in?
Probably the one politicians live in. Aside from that, I’d have to say the Marvel Comics universe. I grew up on that stuff, and it’s a world based in a “reality” I can relate to: Good and evil are clearly defined, and anything is possible. Oh, and in that world I would look awesome in tights.

My 11 questions for my choice of 11 Liebster Award recipients:
1) Why do you blog?
2) If you could have one person in particular, living or dead, real
or fictional, read your blog, who would it be?
3) What childhood game or activity had the biggest impact on you?
4) When something great happens, how do you celebrate?
5) If the world had to be ruled by either cats or dogs, which would
you choose and why?
6) If you could play the lead role in any movie you’ve seen what
would it be?
7) If you had to eliminate one technological achievement, what would
it be?
8) Name a pivotal point in your life.
9) What is your favorite candy or treat?
10) If you could visit a time in history, when would it be?
11) If Ben & Jerry named an ice cream after you, what would it be

My Liebster Award choices:
I chose these because they never fail to make me smile, consider or provide insight ā€” or just a wonderful moment’s distraction. Some of you may have more than 200 followers (although I tried to check). If you do, that would be understandable. If that’s the case, please accept this award for what it is, which is a sign of my admiration. If you have less than 200 followers and do qualify, the same applies ā€” and I’m thankful to be able to spread a little recognition your way šŸ™‚

Do not feed the bloggers
Snoozing on the Sofa
Do Not Get Sick in the Sink Please
Hipster be Gone
Full of Smyles

18 thoughts on “Liebster Award”

  1. I am truly honoured. Thank you Ned! I love your responses… now I’m obsessing about my answers. Leibster! very cute and quite a responsibility I think. I will choose wisely, as you have ;o)

  2. I heard a story today – it made me think of you.

    The brother of a friend was working in Madagascar (it sounds like a gag but it’s not). He got very sick and had to be airlifted off the island to Tanzania with suspected Malaria. After tests the doctors concluded he was suffering from severe caffeine withdrawal.

    “Get this man an espresso! STAT!”

    Just sayin…

  3. Interesting what you said about your son who has Autism. If my son had been evaluated by the proper people when he was 4 or 5, he might have qualified as being on the spectrum, high functioning- based primarily on his inability to transition between any and all activities (as well as having sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and learning disabilities). It was more than challenging. I can only credit a lot of energy therapies with his amazing growth and development.

    Great to learn more about you.

    1. Thanks so much, and I’m very glad for you both that your son’s development has been in such a positive direction. I’ve always told our son, we’re all born with challenges ā€” tall or short, skinny or thin, glasses or braces ā€” and what matters is accepting them and making the most of the gifts we’re given. It sounds like he’s doing just that šŸ˜‰

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