Testimonials (mostly unpaid)

Ned Hickson’s unique perspective and hilarious insights concerning the ups and downs of everyday life transcend geographical location. If Ned can elicit a chuckle from those of us in the Deep South, imagine what he can do for the rest of the country. My God, we’ll drown in a sea of guffaws. I only had to read one of his columns to realize his humor transcended regional lifestyles and geographical boundaries. That was almost two years ago, and his column is now an eagerly anticipated weekly feature. Funny is as funny does—as we say here in Alabama—and Ned does funny as few others can.”

—Scott Write
Editor of The Post in Centre, Alabama

Ned’s column has attracted not just the usual middle-aged class of newspaper readers, but also the high school students who enjoy seeing something lighthearted in the newpaper. We are thankful to have his entertaining wit and wisdom as part of our newspaper each week.”

—Sandra Walker
Editor of Vassar Times in Vassar, Michigan

A lot of people think they are funny these days. Many aren’t. Ned Hickson’s weekly humor column is a notable exception. Hickson not only gets it, but he can write it. As an editor, I feel I know what it takes to write well. Hickson not only writes well, but does so in a genre that very few do so successfully.”

— Andrew Scot Bolsinger
Editor of Ashland Daily Tidings in Ashland, Oregon

It is fascinating following the workings of Ned Hickson’s clever mind as he deftly turns ordinary daily happenings into pure hilarity. Hickson reminds us that life can be very funny indeed, especially when viewed through his lens. We snapped up his humor column in about one minute, we thought it was that good. He has developed many fans here in the Atlanta area.”

— Gay Shook
Editor of The Weekly in Gwinette, Georgia

It was an unexpected delight for me to discover, after retiring here from the Denver area a few years ago, that you have a humor writer of the caliber of Dave Barry and Art Buchwald. His topics are wide ranging, fresh, and generous in spirit. Thanks for the giggles.”

— Joanna Trolinger, Panama City, Florida

Hey Mister: Yer humor has me laughfing [sic] way down in Cedar Bluff, Alabama. Drive truck for paycheck and drop off The Post all over S.E. states. Thanks for keepin’ me smiling.”

— “Stretch”
Sent on a post card from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

9 thoughts on “Testimonials (mostly unpaid)”

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  2. “Since I discovered Ned’s writing, I have lost 378 pounds, joined a roller derby team, and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

    – indytony from “A Way With Words”

    Ned, in gratitude for all you have done for me, I’ve nominated you for an “Inspiring Blogger” award. To accept and join the fun, click the link below –


  3. A testimonial from Canada (well, not all of Canada, because we are a geographically big country and we could never all agree on one thing, even on how funny you are.) But, I think you are funny, and in my house when I express an opinion, then everyone… well, you know how families can be. So, one person in Canada thinks your posts are excellent!

    1. Thanks, Margie! I think you’re my first official testimonial from outside the United States, at least until Texas secedes.

      I appreciate the endorsement from your Red House in Canada 😉

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