I wish I was this broke

Lack of fundsI’m checking with my bank to see if I can get a loan to advertise my financial disparity. I’ll use smaller words though, because it seems clear that intelligence is not part of this equation.

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13 thoughts on “I wish I was this broke”

  1. Counties are run by politicos who spent obscene amounts on advertising when they ran for office so why wouldn’t they follow the same tactic when asking taxpayers/voters for more $. They live in a bubble.

  2. Well, you can go the “poor man’s” way. Just make a cardboard sign…then again, holding a sign would become tiring, so get a shirt made. That way, every time you exit Walmart, Target, or your local Supermarket, and someone is waiting to request your money- point to your shirt that has you falling off a (fiscal) cliff “sorry.” (make sad face)

    Hmmmm, how much would people pay for that? What’s my ebay password again?

  3. A while back a friend told me something that rings true:
    -If you owe the bank $500,000 they own you.
    -If you owe the bank $500,000,000 you own them.
    Now…if only we had the audacity of SOME, eh?

    1. Boy, that’s the truth. Journalists, as you might expect, have a financial parachute consisting of six strings of yarn connected to our own boxer shorts…

    1. This came from the Eugene-Register Guard newspaper, which is in Eugene, Ore., about 50 miles east of where I live on the coast. It’s in my county, and where we drive for our weekly family shopping, so this headline really hits home for me. They say they need more money for public safety. After this, they’re going to need it for themselves to stay safe from the public…!

  4. The next question we should all ask ourselves is how many of these people will eventually run for congress and propose this same amount for their salaries as the rest of us suffer through an increase in taxes.

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