This committee never lacks volunteers

Marijuana I expect this investigation will require a long time to conduct in order to understand the scope of the issue and quantify any conclusions the committee will reach. Oh, and it will also require a lot of Cheetos.

31 thoughts on “This committee never lacks volunteers

  1. I know where the factory is located for Herr’s snack foods. Next time I’m out that way I will see about having them send an 18-wheeler full. That should be enough for one meeting, don’t you think?

  2. If I was ever given the opportunity to speak at any joint commission meetings I would immediately open with ‘I don’t mean to be blunt, but…’. Clearly, I should be president.

    • Hi, Laura! It was the Eugene Register-Guard, some time back. A friend forwarded it to me after coming across it on his desk top yesterday. Not exactly sure when it was published, but I imagine it was in the last six to eight months leading up to the big “legalizing marijuana” vote hoopla.

  3. I’m having visions of this committee, gathered around a bowl of Cheetos in a smoke-filled room, when a knock comes at the door, and a voice on the other side says,

    “Hey, lemme in. It’s Dave.”


    “Dave, man. I got the stuff. Lemme in.”

    “Dave’s not here.”

    • LOL! We actually had a chimney fire near our house. I saw it on my way home from the newspaper, so I ran over and told the guy I was a volunteer firefighter. He says “I don’t need the fire department! I’ve got it under control!” I went in and threw water in the wood stove, and the fire went out. That’s when I noticed the marijuana smell! No wonder he didn’t want the fire department πŸ˜‰

      • it’s a good thing you got there in time and knew what to do. you must live in a small town if it has a volunteer fire department. i grew up in a small town like that in new jersey in the 1960’s

        • Yeah, less than 8,000 here in Florence. Our department has 50 volunteers, 6 paid staff and five stations scattered to cover 125 square miles. We have dunes, lakes, a large river and two main highways that intersect to connect the valley to the coast here. We see a lot of action in a lot of different scenarios! But that was was new to me πŸ˜‰

          • good for you to volunteer – you look a little like my first boyfriend in high school and his dream was to be a paramedic/fireman – we lost touch when i moved across the country but he looked me up on facebook a year ago and we email now – he eventually did fulfill that dream until he developed glaucoma and had to retire. i was very impressed that he did that. so many dreams go unlived.

            • I’ve wanted to be a fireman for a long time, but life got in the way for a while, but I didn’t give up on it. Now I get to do the two things I love most β€” write and fight fires. Sometimes I even combine them by taking what I’ve written but don’t like, and then lighting it on fire πŸ˜‰

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