Mineral water could make CSI: Ashland hard to swallow

Crime_Scene_2011a copy As you might’ve noticed, police dramas involving any type of forensic investigation are extremely popular. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this type of crime show because you’re serving time in a Turkish prison, it’s when old-fashioned detective work—in combination with high-tech science—is conducted by really attractive people who would otherwise be getting into water balloon fights at the Playboy Mansion.

This formula has proven so popular that every major network now carries at least one of these shows (Not counting the WB, which cancelled its plans for CSI: Pennsylvania after test audiences complained that watching Quaker detectives chase villains in pony carts was “really boring.”)

In spite of this, talks are continuing about a new spin-off from the CSI franchise that would take place in Ashland, Ore., which, in real life, is home to the world’s only forensic crime lab dedicated exclusively to cases involving wildlife.

For example: When a squirrel’s death is deemed “accidental” after attempting to retrieve a loose walnut from Interstate 5 during the city’s annual Shakespeare Festival, it takes a highly-trained forensic detective to unravel the ugly truth.

“Hmmm. Judging from this buzzard feather I found near the scene of the crime, I think the victim was PUSHED in front of that Volvo!”

I should also point out that, in addition to its unique crime lab, Ashland is also home to the country’s only free-flowing fountain that spews naturally-occurring mineral water from an underground spring.

Apparently, this is a huge attraction that draws tourists from throughout the world for a chance to drink this mineral-rich water. It is also a huge attraction for Ashland residents, who come to watch tourists gag and then rub dry grass in their mouths after actually tasting the water that comes from the fountain. I’m not saying that everyone thinks it tastes bad; but there’s a reason it’s not in a squeeze bottle next to the Evian.

Which brings us back to the city’s unique crime lab, and its potential as a new police drama. Although I’m not at liberty to divulge my source, I was able to get my hands on a page of script from the pilot episode — which opens with David Hasselhoff standing over a 60-foot-long indentation left in the grass by what he deduces was a severely undernourished boa constrictor.

Hasselhoff: I want this area completely sealed off. It’s going to take a while to process this.
Coroner: What are you doing?
Hasselhoff: I’m going to sift through all 60 feet, starting here at this water faucet and all the way across the yard to the vegetable garden. I WILL find out who starved this poor snake and just left it out here to die.
Coroner: You DO understand that this was made by the garden hose after we moved it, right?
Hasselhoff: Hmmm?

As you can see, there’s plenty of potential here for some riveting television drama. Granted, it isn’t Shakespeare. But I don’t think it’ll be hard to swallow.

Especially with a little mineral water.

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17 thoughts on “Mineral water could make CSI: Ashland hard to swallow”

  1. have you ever noticed, Evian spelled backwards is “naive”?
    the fun part about CSI: Pennsylvania was watching the detectives slip and fall in the horse poop.

    1. LOL! I never noticed that about Evian! And the CSI: Pennsylvania reminds me of a joke I heard: What goes Plop, Plop, Plop — bang bang — Plop, Plop — bang — Plop Plop?

      An Amish drive-by shooting 🙂

    1. I like it! You’ve got the Shakespeare influence, the history, the crime lab — and each episode could begin and end at nature’s mineral “water cooler in” the center of town!

  2. Hold the presses; are you telling us that the indentation in the grass near the dead snake’s body was made by the garden hose and not by the poor creature, creeping along the garden path seeking a little comfort in his last seconds of life?

    PS I don’t usually take the side of the snake. Read my next to last post, “Greenhouse Gaff.’

    1. Does any sane person really take the side of snakes? I trying not to spoil the ending before the episode airs. I guess I better re-title this “Spoiler Alert!”

  3. Don’t be too sure about “CSI: Pennsylvania” being a big hit. I recently saw a promo for something called “Amish Mafia”. Really? What do they do? Strongarm Sven for not participating in Jakob’s barn-raising? And with what do they threaten him? A straight razor? A scythe? And, really, are we supposed to believe that these God-fearing, peace-loving, technology-eschewing people would EVER engage in mafioso behavior? Who have they suddenly become? Gypsies?

    1. Hahaha! And imagine how intense the drive-bys would be in their buggies? You know, Kelly McGillis hasn’t worked for a while. Maybe she could reprise her role from “Witness?”

      1. No need to employ that difficult to operate and expensive “slo-mo” camera, LOL! Yeah, what ever became of Kelly McGillis. She kind of just dropped off the face of the earth.

  4. MUST you be such a good writer? I feel like I need a sound byte of drums to play after I read the last line of your blogs. 🙂 Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 14:57:52 +0000 To: wksapp@hotmail.com

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