What’s even MORE wrong with this picture..?

image They say idle hands are the Devil’s play things, especially if he has access to Photoshop. My funny and slightly twisted (like a length of hemp rope woven by weed-smoking hippies) blogger friend, Tom Nardone, took the photo from last night’s blog post (“What’s wrong with this picture”) and made it even more wrong, as only Tom can do… which is a real talent.

Some of his earlier work was released several years ago, in the JFK assassination files, when he put Lee Harvey Oswald’s head on the body of someone holding a rifle.

Thanks, Tom!

(…At least, I think that’s the correct response….)

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38 thoughts on “What’s even MORE wrong with this picture..?”

  1. excellent work tom and ned. great teamwork. sorry the kindy teacher in me is responding. isn’t there a song, ‘i don’t want to be right ‘cuz it feels so good to be wrong?’ or some such thing? or is that just in my head?

    1. It’s actually tattooed on my… well, that’s probably TMI. Still, the answer is ‘yes,’ it is in a song called “Bad For Me.” Don’t ask me why I know this.

        1. I’m thinking more like Muskrat Susie and Muskrat Sam. And before it’s too late, I’d like to clarify that I am Sam. Not the Sean Penn version, but the actual muskrat incarnation.

    1. Absolutely! The pay stinks, but the benefits… Yeah, those stink, too. But the retirement plan is… well, non-existant. However, the soda machine in the breakroom is usually cold.

      1. Sweet. Where do I sign up?
        Also, I’m still writing my blog but I’ll change your names to protect you. Not because you’re innocent but because I don’t want you to ridicule me publicly as well!

    2. Yah sure. I work at Home Depot. You just need to be able to smile and tie a bow behind your back. I think you should try to get on with Ned though, I think he at least gets a chair to sit in.

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