Magic Mirror Latest Judge To Join ‘The Voice’

I had the privilege once again of being a guest on the hard-hitting fairytale news blog The Grimm Report, where I moonlight as a contributor. After this latest post, that may change…

The Grimm Report

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Pop Culture Correspondent, Ned Hickson | @NedHickson

When asked about his surprise decision to add Magic Mirror to season five’s line-up of judges on “The Voice,” series creator John de Mol said it was time to add an element that had been missing from the show until now.

“We wanted a judge who could offer a true reflection of today’s viewers. Magic Mirror was at the top of a short list,” said de Mol, who wouldn’t divulge the identity of any other mirrors on the list. However, an insider at The Voice revealed there had been serious talks with the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter. When asked about this, de Mol was quick to answer.

“We already have four judges who only show people what they want to see. If we wanted another one, we would’ve asked Shakira back,” said de…

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