I admit it: I’m not sure why I dressed up for a radio interview

image As I mentioned last Friday, I spent most of the morning preparing for a radio interview with NPR (National Public Radio) affiliate KLCC 89.7 FM. Because this was my first radio interview that didn’t include screaming with thousands of other people in a basketball stadium, I wanted it to go well. And because of my inexperience, I spent too much of that time deciding what to wear. Fortunately for me, Music, Arts and Culture host Eric Alan realized this and, as only a true professional can do, calmed my nerves by telling me I wasn’t Suzy Bogguss.

Or more specifically, that he had just finished interviewing the famed country/blue grass singer, and she was already sounding a lot funnier than me.

Okay fine, he didn’t say that exactly, but he did interview Suzy Bogguss, who he described as “delightful,” “engaging” and “unwilling to give me her phone number.”

Which is why, when Eric called to begin our phone-in interview, I answered, “Good morning, Suzy speaking…”

Because Eric had a moment of hesitation despite the fact that I hadn’t bothered to disguise my voice, it suggested:

1) That I naturally sound like a woman
2) Eric would actually be thinking about Suzy Bogguss throughout our interview
3) I was overthinking this whole thing

Though the interview won’t air until later this morning, it’s already available on KLCC’s website here. Take a listen and decide for yourself if I sound like a woman…

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40 thoughts on “I admit it: I’m not sure why I dressed up for a radio interview”

  1. I loved the segue into the Florence Playhouse plug. That’s NPR professionalism, baby!
    Congrats, that was a great interview. I didn’t hear a single “uhhh.” I’m an uhhh-er, myself. I didn’t know I was an uhhh-er until my wife pointed it out. Thanks, wife. But Obama’s an uhhh-er too so I’m in good company. And once again it’s all about me. Seriously, good job and good luck.

    1. Hey thanks, Ross. That really does mean a lot because I know you’ve done this kind of thing before. I honestly hung up thinking “Man, I really blew that. Maybe I could pursue that plumbing career I’ve been flirting with…”

      By the way, I’m actually more of a “Well..” kind of guy, which after a while makes people think I’m talking about groundwater.

      Anyway, they just played it on the National broadcast, which is pretty cool; I wasn’t expecting that. I also wasn’t expecting to find a spider in my coffee cup this morning, but this was better.

      1. That is so neat that you got on the national segment! Much wider audience – awesome PR. You must have impressed NPR with your interview. I didn’t realize you would (or could) supply us with a copy of the interview and I didn’t want to miss it, so I e-mailed KLCC yesterday and asked when the segment would air (identified myself as a fan from Ottawa). Don Hein (the program manager) replied and he said that he expected to play the interview today on “The Takeaway” at about 11:30 am (your time). Obviously you impressed them enough that they bumped you up to national. Congratulations! (Oh, and I’ve had corn weevils in my cereal in the past and I keep an eye out for them – thanks for the warning about spiders in the coffee cup [I currently use a black coffee cup – doesn’t show the previous flavoring ; guess I’ll have to switch to a lighter color to catch the spiders]- breakfast is getting so complicated)

        1. Thanks for going to all that trouble, Paul!
          Your interest may have single-handedly tipped the scale. As a show of appreciation, I am sending you a set of ivory-colored bowls and coffee cups.

  2. Ha! Great interview Ned! Very humourous (note the “u”) and interesting – I found it touching that you were concerned with cats with visual impairment. I must say, you sound a lot taller on radio than you appear in pictures. Your voice is easy to listen to and pleasing in tone (I know this is starting to sound a bit sketchy, so I’ll leave it at that). It sounds as if you’ve had experience in radio. Well done! (And you certainly sounded well dressed.)

    1. Thanks, Paul! I stood on a chair during the interview so I’d sound taller. Glad it worked. And thanks for noticing my subliminal push for the visually impaired cats issue. Aside from the disappearance of bees, I think it’s our next big crisis. Not counting Justin Bieber.

      In all seriousness โ€” thanks Paul;)

  3. Nice job Ned, and you wore the perfect outfit!

    On another note, I was a bit shocked at how much you sound like a dear friend of mine, also a very funny, and lovely family man. Anyway, it was fun to hear you do your stuff. (Must also get a bullhorn for slouchers – good idea). Cheers!

  4. I knew your pink pumps would come in handy!! Did you go Boa or no Boa?? Great interview. It’s always interesting to finally put a voice to the face. You do sound a little more feminine than Kathleen Turner, but then again, so does James Earl Jones!!

    I wish I could be there Friday…..hope you have a great night and don’t incur too many burns from the roast!!

  5. Excellent, Ned. I enjoyed your interview.You’re a funny guy. I liked your explanation about why you like humor, especially, and how we’re always in the moment when we laugh. So true. Have fun at the roast!

    1. Thanks Amy. I really do think we need more “in the moment” time; if giving folks a laugh can help, then I’ll try to do my part ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The roast should be a hoot. At least as much of a hoot as you can have without an open bar…

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  7. This was a great interview! And while you didn’t sound as much like Richard Burton as I had imagined you would, I could definitely hear a healthy amount of testosterone. Loved your outfit btw!
    Anyway, many congratulations on your radio interview. I laughed all the way through and i didn’t think about Suzy for even a second, Have fun at tomorrow’s roast!

    1. Hey, thanks Arend!

      Eric Alan did a great job making me sound manly. I think he may have slowed the recording down whenever I spoke…

      And tomorrow should be fun. As long as Suzy Bogguss doesn’t show up in a mini skirt and steal my thunder…

      1. Ah, of course, they slowed the recording to make you sound less like Woody Woodpecker. That trick always works.
        I’m pretty sure Suzy will dress appropriately tomorrow. Make sure you do too;)

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