Just like Justin Timberlake and sexy, I’m bringing May Day back

(Don’t Panic! It’s only Monday! While it’s true I don’t generally post until Tuesday, this week is an exception because someone has misplaced Monday. Probably one of my kids. So if you’ve seen it laying around anywhere, please let someone know. Oh, it also happens to be my turn over at Long Awkward Pause! So until we find Monday, feel free to read why I need your help in bringing May Day back…)

image Somewhere, lost between the risen Lord of Easter Sunday and the more laid-back Dos Equis guy of Cinco de Mayo, is the Roman flower goddess Flora, who used to reign supreme as THE party icon this time of year.

Nowadays, any May Pole dancing is purely coincidental, at strip clubs, with the only reference to Flora the flower goddess being dancers named “Daisy.” How did a celebration dating back before Jesus somehow get lost in the shuffle between Easter eggs and Mexican beer bottles? Even when I was a kid, which I’d like to point out was well after the resurrection and as recent as the 1970s A.D., I remember dancing around the sixth-grade May Pole and savoring the opportunity to hold hands with Sara Getlost as she cried out in springtime rapture, “Ewww! Ewww! Your hands are SWEATY! Ewww!”

It’s that kind of wild, springtime ecstacy that May Day and the goddess Flora were all about… (More at Long Awkward Pause)


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9 thoughts on “Just like Justin Timberlake and sexy, I’m bringing May Day back”

  1. I thought only really old people knew about May Day, Ned! I usually do a monthly calendar post, which I was working on, then my thoughts drifted to the early days of blogging. When I could stay caught up on all my friends out there! I enjoy your posts and miss that I don’t get to reading as much as I should. I am a library computer blogger, which has changed me. It is good, because I am not so avid about rechecking, but I feel I lost my grounding, too. Take care and until I see you again, enjoy your May! Drink a tequila or cerveza for me on Cinco De Mayo, too!

    1. Robin, I’m very flattered that you’d make the time to read β€” and allude to thinking I wasn’t really old! I’m sort of in that same conundrum right now, wishing I had more time to read blogs and maybe even a book (a sign of the Apocalypse). I just want you to know I appreciate any time you stop by, and will raise a Dos Equis (or possibly something stronger) in your honor May 5 !

      Cheers to you, Robin πŸ˜‰

  2. I have been so swamped lately that I’ve been away from your blog, but after doing a little catch up today–no more. I need your brand of humor to maintain what little sanity I have left. And that shows you just how dangerously close to the edge I am. Gosh, I’ve missed you! πŸ™‚

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