Six state laws that will give you a Long Awkward Pause

It’s Saturday! That means I’m with the rest of the staff at Long Awkward Pause for the Saturday Six, which is a collection of strangeness made even more strange by our comments. Think of it as a six-pack of Yoo-Hoo with several Red Bull chasers. This week’s topic? Bizarre state laws that make you wonder if any of us are really safe from our local congressmen — even if you aren’t an intern. Our first weird state law comes from New Jersey, where apparently it is a misdemeanor to: Frown at a police officer…


Omawarisan: …or the governor.

Chris: Or the couch you will be sleeping on after frowning at your wife for getting a speeding ticket.

Ned: Please send bail money, Chris and Adam. I should’ve read this before I left for Hoboken.

(Want to know which state lets you shoot whales, but only from your car? [Hint: It’s not Kansas]. Then follow me over to LAP!…)

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11 thoughts on “Six state laws that will give you a Long Awkward Pause”

  1. LOL, we have so many strange laws where I live I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’m going to go with the elk and deer crossing signs. One of our brilliant congresscritters decided that the solution for wildlife and cars was to simply provide crosswalks for wildlife. I’m sure there’s a government grant forthcoming that will enable us to teach animals to read so they actually know where we want them to cross.

    Some of our anti-smoking laws got a bit amusing, 25ft from the door of any business. This usually puts you out in the middle of the street. So defiant people started setting up smoking lounges in the middle of the road. We now have crosswalks for wildlife that can’t read and smokers standing out in front of traffic.

  2. We have a law that says that all cats need to be kept inside or outside on a leash or in an enclosure and that they shouldn’t be allowed to roam free. That one is soooo not enforced in our neighbourhood.

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