Group Halloween costumes worth a Long Awkward Pause

My Saturday mornings always start the same way: Wake up, kiss my wife and, 45 minutes later *ahem*, realize I’m late to the office at Long Awkward Pause for The Saturday Six! Where does the time go?!? And why does it take me 44 minutes to get ready after naughty time? Anyway, I’m here now and chiming in with the rest of the staff on this week’s collection of six images. Today’s theme? Group Halloween costumes that will give you a Long Awkward Pause…

1. Human Beer Pong


List of X: The woman on the right suddenly realized that her cup is filled with ice.

Omawarisan: I can’t think of anything. It’s just that I can’t get past how that works out at a urinal.

Calahan: Moments later, the red cups ran into a group of tobacco-spitting rednecks. Things got ugly. And drippy.

Ned: I’ll bet $100 every one of them will be leaving the party solo…

(Thirsty for more? Drink up over at Long Awkward Pause by clicking HERE!)

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