Six examples of why Steve Buscemi isn’t a Disney princess

It’s my first post-surgery post! It’s also Saturday! That means instead of being with hospital staff I’m back with the staff at Long Awkward Pause for this week’s Saturday Six. Imagine my surprise when I showed up to find everyone wearing hospital gowns! Next, imagine how surprised Chris was when he realized his was on backwards! But hey, it’s the thought that counts — and you can count on me never thinking about what I saw ever again. Speaking of weird… this week’s subject is Steve Buscemi’s eyes, and what if they were put on Disney princesses?

For example:

1. Elsa In Fargo


Omawarisan: I have no idea what Frozen is about. I think you’re supposed to let something go, but that’s about it. Buscemi was great in Fargo, and then he was in the woodchipper.

BrainRants: I want to say, “For the love of god, not another ‘Frozen’ meme,” but this is an improvement.

The Hedonist:  I know your eyes are “up here” but can I just continue looking at your boobs?

Ned: I believe this is actually Elsa’s stunt double.

(What about Pocahontas? Ariel? Snow White? Yeah, it gets weirder. To see just HOW weird, join me for five more examples of Steve Buscemi eyes over at LAP by clicking HERE…)


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20 thoughts on “Six examples of why Steve Buscemi isn’t a Disney princess”

  1. You forgot to mention “Boardwalk Empire” on HBO. I haven’t seen it yet, he is the star in the show, it takes place during prohibition, and is based on a true story. It’s supposed to be really good.

    1. It is a good story… mainly because Martin Scorsese wrote and directs them. BUT it is very, VERY graphic with sexual content, language and violence. I stopped watching it after the first 2 seasons because it got to be too much for me personally. I understand the time was violent and it is true to the story but I can’t handle blood, guts, gore and human torture for the hell of it.To each his own I suppose.. :-/

      1. Oops….my bad, I said that wrong. Scorsese only directed the pilot episode but was involved with several episodes creatively. However, it was created by Terence Wilson who also did The Sopranos

        1. I had no idea Scorsese was involved at all, that’s cool. My sister LOVED this show, and it’s weird because she really doesn’t like violence in TV shows.

          1. It wasn’t too bad for the first couple of seasons, then it was too much for me. But if you are watching it faithfully, most are fully invested into the characters and might continue to watch. I can see why she loved it! Ask her about the series finale…it was a humdinger (word I saw in a review no kidding)!! I already watch waaaaaaay too much TV so I had to give up a couple of shows. My DVR was in overdrive LOL! B E happened to get on my short list because I had other shows I liked more. 🙂

      1. LMAO! Yep….probably! And the reviews are spot on. I agree with them. It is done very well. And Steve B is very good in his role. The story is fascinating about how liquor was still around during the prohibition and I’m sure it is somewhat accurate. I just don’t like that much gore :-/

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