Just a random moment of parental pride

As my wife and I attended our youngest daughter’s final holiday choir concert as a middle schooler, we listened as three different soloists sang “Let It Go.”

Our daughter wasn’t one of them.

It was quite possibly our proudest moment as parents.

This is as close to "Frozen" as I like to get.
This is as close to “Frozen” as I like to get.

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39 thoughts on “Just a random moment of parental pride”

      1. Ha, you’re right, though you and the Missus are welcome to visit any time. Better visit the north central U. S. in the summer though, unless you like every bit of the world to be cold and covered in white.

  1. I.AM.SO.SICK.OF.FROEN.I.COULD.BARF! If I hear “Let it Go” one more time….Grrr. I love Disney…REALLY! But my Lord, they can take a good thing and make it the most irritating thing in the world !!!
    I’m happy for you that your daughter wasn’t one who sang it either! πŸ™‚

    1. I have no problem whatsoever with the Hakuna Matata song. Although I have to admit, at first I thought it said “Hanukah Matata,” which would’ve been something else entirely. Oy!

  2. I would like to here Let It Go sung as part of The Yellow Snow Suite….

    Girls: Let it go, let it go
    Boys: Watch out where the huskies go
    Girls: Can’t hold it back any more
    Boys: And don’t you eat that yellow snow

  3. Frozen is the most illogical movie Disney ever made… seriously… there are so many flaws in it and yet everyone raves like it’s the greatest thing since slice bread… what’s worse is that in a fantasy/fairy tale class I’m taking in college I had to watch it… again… our teacher said we got to watch a movie in that category and everyone voted for Frozen… worst day ever…

  4. You know Ned, as a single adult who doesn’t listen much to pop music, I hadn’t heard that song before, so I checked it out. I hate to tell you this, but i was impressed. There is a shitload of adult symbolism in it. For instance when the ice bridge was created as she crossed it, that is the newest leadership description in business. They actually teach that in B-school as an indication of leadership – when your employees will follow you across a bridge that isn’t built yet. The change of clothes to a “queen’s” dress when her attitude and perspective changed is also an indicator – leadership comes fromthe inside out and when it reaches the outside, you will start to even look like a leader. The ice castle built out of an empty snow-covered mountain is showing the ability to create beauty and functionality from what others see as useless and forsaken. I could go on.

    Sorry, I babble – truly an interesting song. I know – I’m weird. AND I don’t have to see and listen to it over and over, sung in a little out-of-tune voice. Sounds like a personal problem to me – Bwahahaha!

    1. I see what you’re getting at, Paul, and you’ clearly operating on a different intellectual plane. Just as long as you’re not operating any plane I happen to be flying on.;)

      1. Bwahaha! Have you ever watched the Discover Channel’s program “Mayday”? I was the inspiration. **puffs out chest and struts off**

          1. Ha! It’s a one hour program about true plane crashes and the subsequent investigation by the NTSB or their equivalent in other counries and the final report on each that describes the cause of the crash. So far I’ve learned 317 ways to crash a modern airliner – it makes flying a much more adenaline laced adventure! My favorite so far is the Canadian Geese (a touch of home) that flew into the engines of a plane departing New York – forcing the plane to land on the Hudson. It was a favorite because there were no injuries (except of course for the geese), a very uncommon outcome of a modern plane crash. And the picture of all the passengers lounging on the wings of the plane as it floated down the Hudson.

            1. I remember that crash β€” or emergency landing! Had our Homeland Security been in place then, Canada probably would’ve been aded to the terrorist threat watchlist

    1. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a no-host bar available. Maybe with ear plugs instead of cocktail olives?

      Then again, I know I’ll be wishing I could have this years back at some point.

      Probably… πŸ˜‰

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