Please hear me out: Zoos are scary

image As you may have noticed — and by “you” I mean no one in particular or, quite possibly, no one at all — there was no sound preview on Friday for tomorrow’s post. That’s because I was so busy posting video of my high school long jump attempt on Friday that I completely forgot to record my weekly soundbite! Considering that I, a 48-year-old firefighter, essentially landed a personal best that any third grader would be proud of, I probably should’ve posted my soundbite and forgotten the long jump.

The good news is, my doctor says I should make a full recovery. And so will most of the high school students who witnessed my long jump attempt — just as soon as they complete their group therapy session.

In the meantime, here’s this week’s sound preview of tomorrow’s post, read by yours truly. Who, I might add, has been compared to James Earl Jones. At least around the feet…


See you Monday! Unless I’m still stuck in the petting zoo.

13 thoughts on “Please hear me out: Zoos are scary

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