I’m spending time in Arkansas today and it’s all Jolene’s fault


Regular visitors to this blog know two things about me. 1) as a rule I generally stay off the Interwebs on weekends, and 2) I avoid pink almost as much as I avoid anything to do with Justin Bieber. And for the record, Justin Bieber wearing pink is the first sign of my own personal apocolypse.

But today is special. Today I am Jolene’s guest at Valley Girl Gone Country, where I’m joining Ben’s Bitter Blog, Fat Bottom Girl, The Bestie, Cover Reveals and Wyndy Dee this week while Jolene is away. I’m not entirely sure Jolene knows about this. But we all have keys to her blog, so that’s good enough for me. It’s going to be a fun week, so I hope you’ll stop in today and each day! Plus, we could use your help cleaning up… Here’s the link! Valley Girl Gone Country

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I was a journalist, humor columnist, writer and editor at Siuslaw News for 23 years. The next chapter in my own writer’s journey is helping other writers prepare their manuscript for the road ahead. I'm married to the perfect woman, have four great kids, and a tenuous grip on my sanity...

13 thoughts on “I’m spending time in Arkansas today and it’s all Jolene’s fault”

  1. Oh, so you’re the first warm up band for Wyndy Dee… er.. I mean… opening act. Get ’em lathered up!

    You keep writing for pink blogs, I am going to start calling you Bruce.

  2. We’re in total agreement concerning the color pink and the more or less human entity known as Justin Bieber.

    Now, I don’t abhor him the way some people do. Let’s just say if I was stuck in a room with a gun, two bullets, Justin Bieber and Kim Jong-un, I would shoot Bieber twice.

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