Stressed at the office? Try my 25-second self-help DubSmash video

As I’m sure you can imagine, working in the newsroom of a small-town newspaper — where there could be as many as three people all typing simultaneously — can be extremely stressful. Especially when we all send something to the printer at once.

Over the last 16 years, I have developed a coping mechanism to help deal with this pressure-cooker environment. It’s fast, effective and doesn’t require a yoga mat, punching bag or medication. Because I know many of you deal with the same kinds of pressures at your own jobs, and because my editor has left for vacation, I took it upon myself to create a short, self-help video utilizing DubSmash to demonstrate my technique and help others.

Results may vary…

Do YOU have a special technique for dealing with work-related stress? (NOTE: Something other than getting fired…)

41 thoughts on “Stressed at the office? Try my 25-second self-help DubSmash video

  1. I think my comment went to your spam Ned. (two links in it) **Sob** No one ever pays any attention. **Sob** ha!

  2. Me and Little Dude just watched that several times in a row and laughed our asses off.

    Although he keeps saying, “I don’t get it…”

  3. Whenever I feel stress at the office, I just tilt my head back a little and laugh as though I just heard the funniest joke. And now that they’ve duct-taped me to the chair, I don’t fall over backward nearly as often.

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