Warning labels are impeding the Natural Selection process

(CAUTION: Before anyone gets hurt, I should warn you I’m actually over at Long Awkward Pause today! Feel free to get started here and then join me over at LAP. But please: No running…)

image There was a time when manufacturers included warnings on their products as a way to provide useful information that could potentially save our lives. Or, at the very least, our eyebrows and/or stomach lining.

However, that all changed more than a decade ago when McDonald’s had to serve up a McMillion dollars for the lady who didn’t realize that spilling hot coffee on yourself while behind the wheel of a car can lead to a condition commonly known as “The Open-Road Lap Dance.”

Taking a deeper look, that condition is really just an extension of the more common rule known as “Cause and effect,” which states:

‘Cause I’m dumb enough to place hot coffee next to the most vulnerable spot on my entire body, I am, in effect, going to do something even dumber by spilling it there. Probably before I leave the drive-thru.

Though the woman claimed to be unfamiliar with either of these two concepts, she WAS familiar with the judicial system, and how her coffee mishap could lead to litigation and a new home in the Hamptons. That landmark decision opened the floodgates to a barrage of wrongful injury cases aimed at sending a clear message to American businesses:

We will buy your products.
We will use your products.
And, God willing, we will hurt ourselves with your products and retire early.

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13 thoughts on “Warning labels are impeding the Natural Selection process”

  1. Sir, My client read your post and laughed out loud thus giving him a mild hernia. Please forward $1,000,000 immediately. We remain yours etc Suet, Grabbit and Run (Attorneys)

  2. Is it wrong I laugh at the warning labels wondering what idiot caused it to be necessary in the first place? Because if so then damn it I don’t want to be right because that shizz is hilarious.

    1. I just read about aa woman who went to the hospital because she confused plumber’s foam with hair mousse… so yeah, if we didn’t laugh we’d be crying for humanity.

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