Saving the world could come down to a good paint job

(I’m over at Long Awkward Pause today, just trying to save the world from annihilation…)


Scientists and Hollywood can agree on one thing: It’s only a matter of time before the Earth is destroyed. Most likely by an asteroid. Possibly as early as this evening. That’s because scientists at the PanSTARRS observatory in Hawaii tell us astroid TB145 will have a near-miss with the Earth tonight around 5:45 p.m. (PST).

The discovery of this asteroid was made from the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System on Oct. 10.

That’s Oct. 10 of THIS MONTH, people!

Thanks for the heads-up, scientists! That’s plenty of time to prepare for the destruction of civilization by organizing survival kits, loading the car and then driving it off the nearest cliff. Scientists assure us that, although “relatively close” to Earth, TB145 is no real threat. Keep in mind these are the same scientists who, using the most sophisticated surveylance system on the planet, overlooked something roughly the size of the Titanic rolling through our solar system. (More at LAP)

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15 thoughts on “Saving the world could come down to a good paint job”

  1. Wow… only 3100 miles from earth?? That is pretty close! But since we are now PAST the allotted time, I think we are ok! LOL! I don’t have a telescope or anything I can see it with though. And it says you can’t see it with binoculars.. 😦
    Are you going to try and see it tonight?

  2. I was hit by a rock once, and I never saw it coming… of course, it came from behind me… because me and two friends were throwing rocks at something else, and I ducked in front of one of them and then stood up again… and my head does seem to have its own gravity… so…

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