It’s a Wonderful Life… er, I mean time to promote your book

imageDaddy, every time a bell rings, an author sells a book!

That’s one of my favorite lines from the Frank Capra Classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It always makes me smile and never fails to offer hope and…


That’s not how it goes?

Well, that’s embarrassing.

But still! The holiday season is one of the best times of year to get your book out there in front of prospective readers and buyers. Everyone is looking for something unique to give their loved ones and friends. And if they can’t get a Star Wars waffle iron before they sell out, why not your book? The key, of course, is to use a light coat of cooking oil in the batter and then…

Sorry. I got sidetracked.

Anyway, the key is to start getting your book noticed in as many places as possible now, before wish-lists and a tightening budgets squeeze you out. Want to get noticed globally without spending any money? (Without getting face-punched by Holly Holm.)

That’s what social media is all about! Except for selfies. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TinderTwit (ok, made that last one up) are quick, easy and effective ways to get your book in front of hundreds of eyes (thousands if you count both eyes) and provide links directly to your Amazon page, publishing house or other links where your book can be purchased. Use the holidays as a way to creatively tie the book into the gift-giving season with images of your book under a Christmas tree, laced with ribbon, being held by Santa’s mittened hand… but not all three at once. Espcially if “Santa” is only wearing Christmas wrap (depending on your book’s genre.)

Post those images on your Social Media page(s) and re-post them regularly with different images. Make sure to include a little blurb with the post and links to your website, blog and other places it can be purchased online as either an eBook or printed copy.

How festive! And self promotional! Plus,you can click on the image to buy my book!
How festive! And self promotional! Plus, you can click on the image to buy my book!

Also, think ahead and remember that after the holidays pass, Valentine’s Day isn’t far behind. Do you have a romantic or inspiring book to offer? Wrestle that book away from Santa and give it to Cupid in early January! And think outside the box when it comes to your audience. My book is all humor, but several stories in it are “love,” “marriage” and “romance” themed. And don’t read anything into the fact that I put those categories in quotes. My marriage is literally brimming with love, romance and other… um, “things”… I really shouldn’t be thinking about right now.

… What was I saying?

Oh yeah! Even though my book is humorous, there are enough romance and marriage stories that I’ll be doing a Valentine-themed reading and book sale in early February.

In the words of George Bailey, “You want a new book, Mary? Give me the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it for you!”

What? He didn’t say that either?


But it’s still a wonderful life time to promote your book…



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28 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Life… er, I mean time to promote your book”

  1. I hope you sell a Canadian metric tonne of books, Ned! (That’s actually a lot.)
    Your talent and self-promotion skills are second-to-none.

    Trust me, I know what I’m taking about; when it comes to selling/writing books, no one has failed as much as me and so I recognize greatness when I see it.

  2. Well, your marketing is spot on, because I just bought your book for my Kindle. I thought I bought it when it first came out! Maybe it’s on my Nook. I relinquished that particular electronic to my mother.

    I’m running my first Facebook ad this month. I’m happy with how it’s going so far. And while I’m here – thanks for the Twitter follow!

    1. You mean it actually works?!? Holy @#$%!
      Seriously, thank you, Maddie πŸ˜‰ Let me know how the Facebook ad goes. I’d like to see what you think. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the Tweets!

  3. I bought your fab book last year and now it’s living a life of its own in a guest villa in Albufeira, Portugal.

    It doesn’t write, it doesn’t call….but it’s probably making holidaymakers chuckle as much as it did me.

  4. I told one of my kids every time she ripped one, she killed a baby kitty. Wait, we’re talking about your book right now, right? I like the idea of changing the image – as a consumer in the social media space, a little variety makes me feel special.

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