Proof of why I’m not an architect

imageThis past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in something which, like most things I participate in, proved to be embarrassing. In this case, I was up against young kids designing earthquake-safe structures that are part of a hands-on exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).

Each structure is made from Connexts building pieces and built on a platform that simulates movement during an earthquake β€” or coincidentally, how I look on the dance floor after a few drinks.

The object was to build a structure that can withstand the rigors of a magnitude 5.o quake.


Puh-Leez. I used to sleep through those things as a kid in California…

Apparently, I must’ve been a heavy sleeper…

32 thoughts on “Proof of why I’m not an architect

      • Ha! When I was young I had a great aunt in Nova Scotia who was about 75 and she had this absolutely awesome treehouse with real stairs, weather tight with openable windows, electricity, heat and even a phone line. Lordy she loved that tree. She would go up her tree to read and paint pictures. My Dad used to joke that my aunt wasn’t feeling well- she was out of her tree today. Bwahaha!

  1. A picture, er, video speaks a thousand words!!
    I have the remnants of our KS earthquake in a meme…but I have no idea how to paste a photo in the comments. I’m jealous of your architectural skills…and of Paul’s techy know-how (HE got a picture to post!!)
    Thank you for the very loud belly laugh, Ned.

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