Because sometimes, breaking into print requires a chainsaw

Because we all need a friend with a chainsaw

We all need a friend with a chainsaw

We all make mistakes…

Trimming your eye brows when you have a hangover.

Trying to bathe your cat without a tourniquet handy.

Going to a Kanye West concert.

Or not knowing Michelle Terry and her blog Lipstick and Laundry.

While there’s nothing I can do to erase the physical and/or emotional pain you may be carrying from those first three mistakes, there IS something you can do about that last one by joining me, Mandi Castle, Kati Cross, Karen Malena, Carrie Ruben, Beth Teliho and Charissa Stastny at Lipstick and Laundry today, where Michelle is hosting a writers’ panel offering tips on how to get punished.

Oops! I mean published!

Many of you probably know a few — if not all — of the authors on this panel, and may even own their books. Mandi’s Dear Stephanie and Beth’s The Order of Seven are part of my own book collection, and are both really terrific reads despite not having any pictures. 


So, if you’re looking for some real-life, user-friendly insights on writing and getting published, I hope you’ll join me and this group of talented ladies today for Part One of Michelle’s two-part post by clicking HERE.

If you don’t, unlike your eyebrows, this mistake won’t grow back…



32 thoughts on “Because sometimes, breaking into print requires a chainsaw

  1. You are so creative! I love the intro! And, thank you, for not telling everyone I threatened you with a lawn mower once – the chainsaw is more me, don’t you think?
    Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating. You were one of my first friends and helpers on WP–I am and always will be truly grateful.
    Thanks for the share, Ned!!

    • My complete pleasure, Michelle! You did a fantastic job putting this all together, especially considering all of our demands (who knew Mandi only eats purple M&Ms?) and difficult personalities (Again, I’m sorry for making you call me “eye candy” the whole time)…

      Seriously though, wonderful job. I feel very honored to be a part of this group 😉

  2. This is great! I only know of you 🙂 but I check out the rest of these authors… but not like I check you out :o) Don’t tell Alicia or my husband though~ Love you Nedalicious~MOOOAH!

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  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I needed the kick in the pants to get back to the novel. And I will be checking out these ladies as well, because I always need more distractions, er, I mean, inspiration.

  5. Great a collection of even more people who are more successful than me.

    But seriously, Michelle has brought together the Justice League of the literary scene.
    And yes, Ned, you can be Wonder Woman.

  6. Phew! Powerful friends you have there Ned. I’d be a bit intimidated. They could, like, call for an on-the-spot write off to determine seating order at the awards banquet. The stress must be phenomenal.

    Congrats! This is like the Academy Awards of blogging – recognition by your peers..

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