So, I made a (mostly) serious video for peace

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the privilege of opening “Media Day” for #OURWEEKOFPEACE at The Public Blogger with this video about the responsibility that comes with Freedom of the Press. Here’s the 4-minute video in its entirety…

#OURWEEKOFPEACE continues today with “Education,” and wraps up Saturday, Aug. 6, with “Our Day of Peace,” with live exchanges from around the world at The Public Blogger Facebook page and Join the conversation by throwing your own Peace Sign in the air by leaving a comment, poem, photo or image in support of peace around the world and within our nation.

We need some of that right now…



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17 thoughts on “So, I made a (mostly) serious video for peace”

  1. I was totally unprepared for you to get all serious on me, but I’m not mad – we could all stand to think a little more about what we’re putting out there, and holding journalists to a higher standard can only lead to better journalism.

    Also, Husband says, “Excellent beard, Mr. Stark.”

  2. Liked this very much. Parts of it weren’t very loud for me, though, even though I had everything cranked up to hell. ‘Course, I’ve been cranking up the rock and roll like a drunken teenager this summer. The “no Facebook yet” was great.
    What’d you say about me–I didn’t quite hear you. Ha ha.

    1. HaHaHa! Thanks, my friend. Good to see you again. And it’s not your hearing; it’s my less-than-high-tech sound equipment.

      Plus your rocked-out ear drums…

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