Thanks to our veterans, there will be plenty of time to disagree tomorrow


Driving to work this morning, talk radio stations were full of the continuing discussion and debate over the elections. Hosts grilled pollsters, questioned campaign strategists and analysts. Guests expressed their exuberance or dismay over the results. Prognosticators made predictions ranging from whimsy to woe.

As I listened, I noticed one topic that was missing from today’s discussion table:


Without the fundamental right we have as a Democracy to vote, there would be no election to discuss — and without the service and sacrifice of others in defense of our nation, there would be no Democracy to afford us that precious right to vote. 

While I understand that this election is as controversial as it is historic and merits a deep conversation about the state of our nation and its divided, evolving identity as a Democratic society, let’s take today to put that discussion on hold — and remember those who have protected our right to have this conversation in the first place.

Generations of Americans have given their time and their very lives so that we could cast a vote and exercise our right, as Americans, to disagree openly with each other under the Constitution. Just for today, let’s put our differences aside and agree that our veterans — of all eras, branches of service, at home and abroad — deserve our attention, respect and appreciation.

Thanks to them, there will be plenty of time to disagree tomorrow…



imageNed Hickson is a nationally syndicated columnist with News Media Corporation and the editor of Siuslaw News. He is also the author of Humor at the Speed of Life, a collection of more than a decade of humor columns; and Pearls of Writing Wisdom: From 16 shucking years as a columnist, a writer’s survival guide. Both are available from Port Hole Publishing.

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24 thoughts on “Thanks to our veterans, there will be plenty of time to disagree tomorrow”

  1. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    It seems we are reluctant this year to thank our veterans, to honor their service and sacrifice, to acknowledge those who returned wounded and maimed, lives changed forever. I think Ned sums it up here.

      1. It’s the very least we can do, we need to be there for our veterans as they were for us. Thank for this great tribute.

  2. Well done, Ned. It seems the election is making people blind to everything else around them. I even tried biting my tongue but wrote a post last night called “We the people”. Respect and love to all of our veterans and those who continue to fight for us.

    1. I have your post in my cue to read after deadline today, Susan. I’m looking forward to it and couldn’t agree more on the need to spend today in respect and appreciation for our veterans everywhere 😉

  3. An excellent reminder to all.. Our Media has been full of the USA politics here in the UK.. but we have still remembered this important day. I came via Holly’s reblog.. Peace and Blessings Sue

  4. Thank you for this. Usually on Veterans day my feed is nothing but Honoring Veterans, and yesterday it was like nearly everyone forgot. Thanks for remembering, and I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner.

  5. Veterans are a very intricate part of who we are as a democracy and that we even HAVE the right to vote would not be there without their sacrifice. My husband’s uncle was buried yesterday and he was in the Navy. I was ok through the funeral but when they played taps on the bugle, folded the flag and presented it to his daughter, I was a total wreck. My father-in-law was a veteran, my dad, and several people who we have lost this year all served. The protests in the streets, the burning of the flags and the people who disrespect our military in ANY fashion cannot call themselves Americans in my book.
    Thank you for writing this piece…. it means a lot! 🙂

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