It’s been 16 years since our first ‘I Love You’

Because every day is a gift when you are with the person that speaks to your heart like no one else…

Even though it was only our third date — and her first visit to my (now our) home town — back in 2006, I already knew I loved her. Since early October, we had been emailing every day and talking for hours each night. We knew everything about each other from our life goals and how we approach parenting, to whether we preferred Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip (A deal breaker — and it’s Mayo, by the way).

When we met for the first time on Oct. 28, 2006, the connection was deep, earthshaking and instantaneous. Time stopped, the world disappeared and the moment we took hands I knew — KNEW — this was something amazing and heaven-sent. By the time we had our third date a little over two weeks later, I already knew something else: I absolutely loved her.

I wanted and needed her in my life every day until there were no days left in this world — and for eternity after that. We married two years later on Aug. 6, 2008 and, each day since — in small ways and big ways, day after day, moment to moment — my love for her and the love we share together has only continued to grow stronger, deeper and more complete.

I had to take this moment to say these things. To reflect on this blessing that I dreamed of, hoped for and quietly prayed would happen some day. And after 16 years since that first “I Love You” at the Wildcat Covered Bridge, I can honestly say, while I knew I loved her then, I couldn’t fathom loving her more than I already did.

But each day since, I have been proven wrong.

Happy 16th “I Love You” anniversary, Sweetheart…

I Love You (LFAS), Alicia XOXOXOXO

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