Into every life a little… snow? … must fall

Intrepid reporting from my front yard

We don’t get much snow here on the Oregon coast. For example, the closest thing we have to a snowplow is our neighbor’s Ford Fiesta, which has a plastic sand disc tied to the front bumper, and can be used for pushing snow or a directionally-challenged elk out of the way.

We tend to push more elk than snow.

Regardless, this past Thursday our small coastal community experienced a massive winter storm that dumped — and I’m not exaggerating — a good 2 inches of snow. In some cases, people actually had to use plastic spatulas to clear their windshields before backing their vehicles out of the driveway and into their neighbor’s mailbox. Though it’s been nearly two years since I left the newsroom, my journalistic instincts took over and, with adrenaline coursing through me (thanks to my blood pressure medicine) I immediately put together a weather update to let the world know our dire situation…

Well, on TikTok anyway.

And yeah, “dire” is probably a bit strong.

Just one example of the level of pandemonium that developed. (And yes, everyone here wears a size 11 shoe.)

I’m glad to say, given our heritage of pioneering spirit here in Oregon, we survived and will undoubtedly be telling tales of the February Snowpocalypse of ’23 for years to come.

Then again, it was almost entirely gone by that afternoon. Which was good, because our neighbor’s Ford Fiesta was needed for something else…

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12 thoughts on “Into every life a little… snow? … must fall”

  1. Phew! I’m glad you didn’t get more than a few inches. It could have been really serious! You might have had to break out the leaf blower to clear the driveway! Works best for really dry snow, though. 😉

    1. Lol! We coastal Oregonians are who you want behind the wheel in a rainstorm, but drop a couple of inches of snow and we’re like 3-year-olds driving a Barbie Jeep on an ice rink!

  2. Great photos… it’s good when snow is a novelty and not a way of life 8 months out of the year. There is a reason I live in TX. NOT seeing snow for the rest of my days would be ok with me. But alas I live just enough into East TX that we get the occasional flake, but unfortunately, we get ice instead which shuts the world down here for a day or two. Glad it only happens once or twice a winter. I love my 75 degree days in Dec!! 😀

    1. I lived in Dallas for 5 years, the first of which (1986) had a massive snow storm come though. On my way to work, I did a complete 180 turn in my VW van. I had a hatchet in my left hand scraping ice from my windshield on the driver’s side. When I came to a stop, the guy behind me looked at the hatchet, then me and said “Take your time buddy!” Hahaha!

      1. Lol! Exactly!! You cannot drive on ice!! Which is what we get here. I remember that year. I was pregnant with our daughter. We lived in Arlington but our friends were in Irving so we drove to their house before the storm came and spent the night at their house. Good times *sigh*

        1. I remember Arlington well! And yes, you don’t drive on ice; you steer on ice as best you can, like bumper cars! Glad you made it OK and so did your daughter-to-be 😉

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