No Safe Harbor — Chapters 8 & 9

In this installment, Shane, now a suspected kidnapper, searches for eight-year-old Jacob, who is running scared on the streets of Seattle. As Shane’s identity begins going wide, Jacob discovers the truth about his mother, setting up a collision course between himself, Shane and the detectives trying to piece it all together.

Chapter Eight

Shane returned to Lincoln Park, parking the Jeep near the pay phone across from the playground. He knew the park was now dangerous territory; if the police were looking for him, this was a likely place to start. But it still remained his only link to Jacob. If he was going to spend time on the phone and looking through reports, it was going to be where there was a chance — no matter how slim — of spotting Jacob.

Scanning the area, Shane stepped from the Wrangler and into the phone booth, punching the numbers to The Nook. Sam picked up on the second ring, dishes clanging in the background.

“The Nook, this is Sam.”

“You beeped?” asked Shane.

“Oh thank God,” she said. “I’ve been watching the T.V. looking for you in handcuffs. Did you get what you were looking for?”

“I did. It was a little dicey but I managed to slip in, get the reports and slip out without sounding the alarms,” said Shane. “How about Gerald at City Hall. Did he get you anything on the dad?”

“Unfortunately yes. He’s a colorful guy.”

“What shades?” asked Shane.

“My guess is black and blue,” Sam replied. “Two DUIIs and a charge of disturbing the peace. All in the last year. The man is a drinker and he’s violent. You fill in the blanks.”

“What did the report say?”

The clanging kitchen sounds faded as Sam moved into the storage room. “Neighbors called the police and reported yelling and screaming from the Bettingtons’ apartment. The incident report describes broken plates and furniture, but no obvious marks on Jacob or his mom. Police charged the father with what they could and left. I think if the neighbors hadn’t called, the marks would’ve been there.” She paused. “As you know, I’m a bit of an expert on the subject.”

Shane absently nodded. Sam was open with him about her childhood and a father she only referred to as Jack Daniels. “The file I got shows the Bettingtons living in Woodway. That’s a good forty miles from from here. That’s too far away for Jacob to find his way back to. And if your abuse theory is right — ”

“It is, Shane. I can feel it.”

“Then home is the last place he’d be running to.”

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4 thoughts on “No Safe Harbor — Chapters 8 & 9”

    1. You’re absolutely right, Susan! Thank you! It should have been 99. I went back through and mapped the routes everyone took beginning with chapter one, just to make sure the rest were correct. They were, but I’m glad your question prompted me to double-check. You’re much appreciated! And I’m glad you’re enjoying the ride (even if I had that wrong turn lol!) 😉

      1. Ha! I was wondering if you meant Hwy 99. Also, because we refer to 90 as I-90 and we call 99, highway 99, not to be confused with Old Highway 99 which is near me. And the way you end each chapter really pulls the reader in making us want more. So good!

        1. Sheesh! Seattle’s 90 and 99s are like Atlanta’s “Peachtree” streets — they’re everywhere! So glad you’re enjoying the story and chapters! I try to end them with a mini cliffhanger of sorts 😉

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