No Safe Harbor — Chapters 14 & 15

With 8-year-old Jacob now in police custody, knowing who to trust becomes a life-and-death question as private investigator Shane McPhearson risks everything to find the answer before it’s too late.

Chapter Fourteen

Rick Sparlo sat on the covered veranda, swirling his rocks class and mixing rare scotch between pearls of ice. “So where is he now?” he asked in the general direction of his speakerphone.

“We’re not sure,” came Perkins’ hesitant voice. “Things are hush-hush. Reporters are in a frenzy trying to get information. All anyone knows is he’s been found and he’s alive.”

Sparlo bit down on a piece of ice, crunching. “You realize he could be in a room somewhere with a video camera, telling about how two policemen threatened his mother and aunt a few nights ago.”

“We know that.”

“I’m not waiting until I’m on fire before I put out the flames,” said Sparlo. “You understand that?”

“Yeah. We’ll take care of things.”

“So you keep telling me. I’m running out of patience and you’re running out of time.” 

Sparlo stole a long sip, draining his glass, letting the oaky scotch filter between his teeth.

After an awkward pause, Perkins spoke up again. “What about Sharon? Me and Jerome… we feel she’s a risk.”

Digging his tongs into a fresh supply of ice, Sparlo dropped a few frozen spheres into his glass and refilled it, then settled back into his spot on the veranda. “Let me prioritize things for you,” he finally said. “You’re up shit creek without a Goddamn boat. Stop worrying about finding a fucking guide!”

“But we —”

“Sharon is my problem. You just worry about dealing with that kid before I deal with you,” Sparlo said, then thumbed the speaker button, ending the conversation.

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2 thoughts on “No Safe Harbor — Chapters 14 & 15”

  1. I’m enjoying this book! Behind on reading though but I have to close my eyes on each because I don’t want any spoilers.

    Question: is this a new thing to share books chapter by chapter? I have seen other authors I follow doing this. I have written my first book SeaChange with the help ofmy writing group. But have stalled on the sequel which I have the beginning and ending but stuck on the middle so may have to contact you.

    PS I am already on your mailing list but had trouble expressing that on the form below.

    1. Hi Pattie! Great to see you here and so glad you’re enjoying it. If you go to the very top of the page (above chapter 1), you can click on a chapter and go directly to the one(s) you missed without having to risk seeing spoilers!

      As far as releasing chapters, I’ve seen it a few times with other writers using “beta” readers, but not too many utilizing their blogs. I just had the idea of doing it primarily to keep myself on task with the final draft; knowing people are waiting to read helps me hold myself accountable! Lol! Plus the feedback is really helpful.

      Congrats on your first book, by the way! I’d love to hear what it’s about! As far as the second book, feel free to reach out any time through FB, or through I’m also teaching a writing workshop at Lane Community College every Monday. The class is ending soon but the students want to keep it going, so we’ll be meeting Mondays between 5-6:30 p.m. off campus beginning May 8. Contact me if you’d like the details. I’ll be sharing info on my FB as well. Hope to chat with you sometime soon — and thanks again 😉

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