Like Mitt Romney, I’m pretty much Mexican

As a member of the media, it’s my job to offer unbiased information that allows you, the reader, to form your own opinion based on celebrity Tweets.

That said, I feel obligated to say I can sympathize with what Mitt Romney is going through following his controversial “Mexican Mitt” Univision interview.

As a journalist and fellow Mexican-American, I know what it feels like to have your heritage publicly scrutinized.

I, too, have roots in Mexico where, as a youth, my family spent several minutes making a U-turn at the border after my father, who insisted on navigating, overshot Disneyland. I will never forget the friends I made — Chota Sanchez, Chota Guerra, Chota Ramirez — and to this day my kinship with the Mexican people remains strong. Continue reading Like Mitt Romney, I’m pretty much Mexican