5 thoughts on “For Indecisives Anonymous

  1. Ned,
    Le Clown will comment, as he just doesn’t stop by your place with a simple like, and run away to another post like two bloggers I see right now in your LIKES. Le Clown is also a dick, but a kind dick, a great dick, but a dick with integrity.
    Le Clown

      • Grimm,
        True, very true. But I can assure you that I read your post before liking it… Serial likers, a pet peeve of mine. Next time I drop by, I’ll leave a mark, an olfactory one.
        Le Clown

        • Le Clown,

          Thank you for this comment which, in addition to echoing my own pet peeve, was helpful in its reference to olfactory markings by reminding me to get off my iPad and let the dogs out.

          You work in mysterious ways…

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