This week on… The Door

Our actual door It’s Tuesday, which as we all know is like the 23rd birthday of the calendar week. Not particularly significant. It doesn’t have the distinction of being the dreaded beginning of the work week, or the catchy nickname of “Hump Day” to endear it, and no one ever exclaims: “Thank God it’s Tuesday!” For this reason, I chose to perk up Tuesdays by making it the day we highlight The Door (of Shame, Blame and Brilliance), a piece of journalistic history here at the Siuslaw News that has had greatness thrust upon it. And while it’s rumored that other things have been thrust upon it over the years, we will be focusing on the multitude of newspaper headlines and clippings posted there by journalists since as far back as the 1970s. For loyal followers of The Door, let us repeat it’s mission statement (For added effect, say it slowly in a monotone voice):

To serve as a beacon, drawing us into the jagged rocks of journalism.

This week’s featured clipping comes to us from 1994, when headline editors everywhere had re-discovered the word “probe,” and how it can be used as an action word or noun, depending on how it’s, um… inserted. And while most newspapers “probed” sparingly, one in particular appeared to relish any opportunity for a good probing. As you can see, this is actually a collection of headlines that appeared in The World all in the same week — earning a hallowed place on The Door.

The World probes copy

And if anyone from The World happens to be reading this, please: Don’t be sore.

18 thoughts on “This week on… The Door

  1. “To serve as a bacon, drawing us into the jagged rocks of journalism.”

    Darn. Beacons do not taste the same as bacon.

    I sell probes, so the word does not offer the same excitement to me as it does to others. Bacon, on the other hand (good thing I did not say IN the other hand) does excite me.

    I am all over the place here. Good day.

  2. Nick, You are like an archeologist of blogging. You manage somehow to dig up the most unusual stories i have ever read. I still cant get over people competing to iron clothes. I am still not sure you weren’t just putting me on. I am going to check

  3. Talk about excitement with the word “probe”! Maybe it was that columnist’s word of the day…I know I like to insert my new word of the day in just about everything that day 🙂 Today’s word is ‘Porpoise’ and I can tell you right now I will have a hard time putting that word into action, it’s not as much fun as probe 🙂

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