Naked News broadcasts viewed by some as too cheeky

image (Warning: At all costs, the following information must NOT fall into the hands of Geraldo Rivera.)

According to an ad in the Toronto Star newspaper, the producers of “Naked News” are seeking anchors for their daily internet news program. For those of you who’ve never heard of this program, let me take just a moment to explain it:

They report the news, and they’re naked.

That’s pretty much it.

And for most men, that’s explanation enough, which is why the website now averages 6 million viewers per month.

Now, before we go on, I’d like to clarify that I happened upon this website completely by accident, while innocently searching for information about naked “gnus,” which, as you may or may not know, is the tragic plight of African wildebeests suffering from premature baldness. While painstakingly gathering this sad information, I accidentally went from reading about an entire herd of hairless antelope in Botswana, to watching as a naked weatherman pointed to three developing storms at the same time — in Seattle, Maine, and the Gulf of Mexico.

I will not explain precisely how how he did this.

However, in my haste to leave the website, I accidentally switched over to the “All-Female” broadcast team. It was at this point that my journalistic integrity kicked in, and I felt an obligation to you, the reader, to investigate until I discovered the bitter truth.

Or at least until my editor discovered what I was doing.

As a result of this investigation, I learned that, just like CNN and other major news channels, Naked News offers in-depth coverage of events from all around the world.

I also learned that I am easily distracted from this coverage.

For those of you who are wondering how you can become a reporter for this cutting-edge news organization (Or, at the very least, what organization’s dating policy is), you’ll be happy to know that, according to the audition requirements listed on the Naked News website, no broadcasting experience is necessary!

That’s right! There’s no need to let your lack of experience stop you from realizing your dream of standing buck naked in front of a TelePrompTer.

I didn’t.

Which is why I now work for a newspaper.

This isn’t to say that any thoughts I had of becoming a part of the Naked News movement have been put on the shelf. In fact, I am actually naked right now.

Which is why I’m currenty looking for a job in radio.

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65 thoughts on “Naked News broadcasts viewed by some as too cheeky”

  1. Sorry … just can’t see why anyone would want to present the news – or anything – feeling the wind whistling round the old accoutrements.

    People watching one obviously understands ‘cos there are just so many prurient types out there not getting enough, if you get my drift, and they need the titillation. (Hmmm, possibly could have used a less appropriate word there).

    Obviously, with your keen interest in balding wildlife, I am not including you in that last comment, Ned … much 😉

    1. Hahaha! I’m thinking I’ll just be a guest from time to time, talking about and standing behind the plight of the naked gnus. Literally, I will be standing behind one…

  2. What I’m really worried about with Naked News is…what kind of chairs are they sitting on? And who has been sitting on them before? Ewww….

  3. Ned, Ned, Ned! I would say that you are incorrigible, but I am pretty sure you can be corriged! 😯

    However, in spite of that, let me be the first to tell you how proud I am of your interest in wildlife, and how inspiring your research into the plight of naked wildebeest everywhere is. It has made me want to go searching for naked news…I mean, gnus, of course…myself. Sure hope I don’t accidentally stumble across video of that weatherman who can point to three things at once, though. Now that would be inspiring!

      1. Lol! I just meant it was very encouraging to those of us who have a tendency to blog in our pajama pants. Or as you described in your post, a little, um, less than pajama pants …

        1. Sure, a GUY shows up naked to an interview and he’s a whore, but a woman shows up naked to the same interview and she’s … uh.. also… Oh, never mind.

  4. Ned, brilliantly witty as always. Love the part about pointing at three things at once. Clearly you are a above that. Thank you for being content to work where there is a focus on the team members news and not the news teams member. If they come knocking at your door, you tell them that you are not going to let them give you the shaft.

  5. Back in the 1950’s, the BBC had a radio program that featured a ventriloquist. No really, it was called “Educating Archie”. Google it if you don’t believe me. Great blog mate . I don’t read enough of your stuff. I shall be remedying that situation forthwith.

  6. You know what, this is one of those things I could see people putting on their bucket lists.
    To Do: broadcast the news in the nude!
    This is in way saying that I would, but I could definitely see some people doing that, lol.
    And I am sure that this was all accidental… 😉

  7. I remember “reading about” Naked News years ago! I’m amazed it’s still around. I guess it’s one site with real staying power… unlike most of its viewers, I imagine.

  8. I am disturbed. And this blog also bothered me, as well as watching the Naked News, which I in my complete innocence did not know about until being corrupted by this blog, leading me into the jagged corruptedtivity.

    (I should probably cry ‘uncle henry’ now)

  9. Rarasaur posts naked in the nude. In light of the above disclosed details, I surmise that you were posting the same way. I asked her how she managed the “goo” or does she sit squarely on an object and let her butt do the dusting? She said she couldnt get over the word “goo”. Well, an ecological approach, I will grant her that. Just hoping that a furniture rag are between the cheeks. By all means give us your details on your naked blogging experience…. PS: 🙂

    1. When my book comes out in the fall, I am considering going nude during my tour. I think this will add to the mystery of my writing inspirations as people look at me while I read and say to themselves, “What the heck is THAT?”

      1. Are you ONE of THOSE who stand in front of the mirror and flex your muscles? I fear you are….well, you can show most of yourself in a flattering, what-is-down-there way by wearing a toga. It’s too gauche to have the full monty show and tell. A little to the imagination is much better, and will give the old tabbies something to think about as they are laughing at your humor. But by all means show the whole tell on your blog here. We are not old tabbies….I often lament on my posts that I wish I could show off my belly boob. To bad that convention prevents these rare sightings 🙂

  10. It is fascinating how you unintentionally happened upon this site. Lol. I guess naked blogging is less offensive as long as your nakedness is not referenced in the blog post! Lol. The visual image distracts from the story. I had to re-read your post three times. (Just kidding.)

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