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image Journalism is about concrete facts. For example, did you know the first all-weather shoe was actually made of cement and worn by the Glug-Glug tribe of the West Indies, which disappeared 300 years ago while crossing a frozen lake? Blogger ddupre315 at Random Thoughts of Existance called me out on this rule after realizing my previous This Just In post failed to explain what kind of air freshener “The Voice” used to freshen up the bathroom after “Joe.”

As ddupre315 expressed, “How could you leave out an important detail in such an enthralling story? Disappointed…”


This Just In…

To show my journalistic proffesionality, I assembled my own Quick Response Team, which quickly dispersed after members realized it involved entering the bathroom less than 12 hours after being used by “Joe,” whose real name, coincidentally, also happens to be Joe! Not to be discouraged by what had now become a Quick Response team of one, I documented concrete evidence of the air freshener in question. That’s when I discovered a disturbing claim on the side of the canister…


Come to think of it, has anyone seen Joe?

And that’s the way it was.
No, really…

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