This just in!

image Today, we begin a new feature here at Ned’s Blog called “This Just In!” which offers breaking news on strangely irrelevant moments in our newsroom. Think of it as a companion piece to The Door, except instead of looking to the past for “Shame, Blame and Brilliance,” you can experience up-to-the-minute coverage as it happens right now!


Do you hear that? It’s an outdated tele-type machine!


This Just In!

While at my desk, I hear footsteps cross the front office, followed by the squeaking of the employee restroom door being opened.

“Is Joe here?” a voice calls out from the doorway.

“I think he was here a little while ago,” I answer back.

“Oh,” says the voice, who begins spraying air freshener. “I must’ve just missed him…”

And that’s the way it was. No, seriously…

50 thoughts on “This just in!

  1. Pretty much every office everywhere —- at least what I remember about them — it’s been decades since I worked in one. Happy to see that some things never change, LOL!

  2. We’ll be expecting round-the-clock-coverage, you know. Do you have your intro graphic and dramatic music picked yet? Have you called it Spraygate yet? Did anyone find Joe?

    • Wow, you’re right! I don’t think it is, though; it’s a genric image through my newspaper’s graphics department. I went online and checked anyway, but couldn’t find a connection. But, man β€” there is an amazing similarity. And you have a frighteningly good eye. Are you a police sketch artist?

  3. but Ned, what scent was the air freshener? I’m on pins and needles! How could you leave out an important detail in such an enthralling story? Disappointed.

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