… This Just In …



[Breaking News: from another strangely irrelevant moment in our news room…]

Editor: “Is THIS all we have for obits? Just one tiny paragraph?!? How are we supposed to fill today’s news hole?!?”

Me: “Hey, you want me to go out and kill some people? Haha!”

Editor: *long, creepy silence…*

50 thoughts on “… This Just In …

  1. You could always add pet obits to your offerings…”The family of Jennings is saddened to announce the death of their beloved bird, Dropsy, who succumbed to a Raccoon on June 30. The family requests donations to Catastrophic Pet Adoption Center. Dropsy’s ashes will be placed with the planting of a cherry tree this Saturday at the Jennings home 6160 Henson Street at 1 pm. Dropsy was the proud parent of Dipsy and Dovey, who remain cloistered in the Jennings home.” 🙂

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