Steroid Investigation Expanded To Include John Henry

I had the distinct honor of writing a piece for the whimsical, yet hard-hitting folklore and fairytale news blog, The Grimm Report, where I will post from time to time as their “Chief Sports Correspondent.” I hear Anderson Cooper is pretty mad. As a fellow journalist, Let me just say: “Neater Neater!” (My sincere thanks to the folks at The Grimm Report for letting me be a part of their hilarious spot in the blog-o-sphere)

The Grimm Report

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Sports Correspondent, Ned Hickson | @NedHickson

TALCOTT, WV — While hammer-swinging John Henry’s triumph over the world’s first steam hammer has been immortalized in song and story since the 1870s, the steel driver’s legendary strength is being called to question as something other than the result of diet, exercise and God-given talent. As part of Major League Baseball’s sweeping investigation into steroid use, investigators have expanded their scope to include Henry, whose ability to swing a pair of 20-pound hammers “raised some red flags,” said Bill Schlependorf, head of the newly expanded probe.

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