Outlook for future of education looks just… Pee Chee

Education Secretary Arnie Duncan promises no child's will get left behind when it comes to getting a Pee Chee folder.
Education Secretary Arnie Duncan promises no child will get left behind when it comes to getting a Pee Chee folder.
When I was a kid, our school supply list consisted of a Star Wars notebook and a Pee Chee folder. The notebook helped us organize our assignments; the Pee-Chee folder was used for entertaining ourselves during class by drawing thought balloons for the athletes on the cover.

Football Guy: (Getting tackled) “Oh sure — run the old L-42 play, THAT always works…”
Tennis Girl: “If my skirt gets any shorter, I’ll be playing Olympic volleyball…”

You get the idea.

Just about everyone remembers this folder because, like Al Sharpton’s hair gel, it has remained virtually unchanged since 1964. What has changed, however, is the growing list of items parents must provide throughout the school year. This comes in addition to rudimentary things, such as clothing, snacks and a recent urine sample. The reason is simple: The government is tired of wasteful spending, particularly in the educational system, where a special task force has discovered that schools routinely get bilked into spending thousands of dollars on paper alone.

“And, shockingly, most of this paper has turned out to be blank,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

The study, code-named “Operation: Waste Storm,” was described by Duncan as “the first step in a three-pronged approach to end overspending in four areas of education.”

White House press secretary Fred Netterman later apologized on behalf of Duncan, saying his initial figures were incorrect, and that it was actually a four-pronged approach.

“The point is, he’s been promised as many prongs as it takes to get the job done — that’s how serious we are,” said Netterman, who revealed that “scissors,” “glue” and “construction paper” were other pork barrel items targeted by the study.

“Obviously, we’re approaching construction paper with a great deal of sensitivity since, in addition to money, it involves issues of color,” said Netterman.

Duncan, meanwhile, went on to explain that a less frivolous educational budget will encourage schools to do more with less, which will go further in preparing children for the real world than making paper hats and collages — items which, as Duncan pointed out, could be outsourced to children in Taiwan and imported for half the price.

“In addition to the cost savings, think of how it would bolster our relationship with the Taiwanian people,” said Duncan, who underscored his statement by pointing to a map of Japan.

So, how will all this affect our children’s education?

I honestly don’t know..

But I’m sure, eventually, everything will be just Pee-Chee.

(Ned is a syndicated humor columnist with News Media Corporation. Write to him at nedhickson@icloud.com, or at Siuslaw News, P.O. Box 10, Florence, Ore 97439)

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26 thoughts on “Outlook for future of education looks just… Pee Chee”

  1. Wow! I have been surely living a deprived life. I’ve never even heard of a PeeChee Folder, or even a Campfire Notebook. I was required to make, in each class, with kraft paper provided, and my own scissors, a cover for each textbook issued to me. Obviously the grocer and the bank were too cheap to print their logos on the paper. Or maybe they knew how cheap the school district was and didn’t bother to bother.

    1. I remember those! We made out out of brown paper sacks from the grocery store. You had to turn them inside out to get rid of the logo. Then you could draw on the outside. You know, like Football Guy, Tennis Girl…

      1. Haha. We were not so fortunate. We had to use something that my dad accused our generation of having very little, imagination. Well, I glued cutouts from magazines on the covers that looked like ransom letters. Never did receive payment for threatening to not return books…

  2. Faaaantastic. Just made my time spent waiting in the Apple store much more enjoyable. Thankfully, the din of people’s voices masked my maniacal laughter, and I will probably be permitted to leave of my own accord.

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