NO, it doesn’t bother me my dog has more selfie requests than I do

 "To all my fans, especially that little sheltie next door." — Stanley

“To all my fans, especially that little sheltie next door.” — Love, Stanley

Maybe it’s the strong nose. Or the full lips and scruffy grey beard. Or possibly the big, brown bedroom eyes. Whatever the reason, since Saturday’s post, I have been inundated with requests for “full body” shots…

…of my dog, Stanley.

In fact, within 10 minutes of posting a shot of his nose, my dog surpassed the number of “selfie” requests I have received since joining Twitter three months ago. It doesn’t matter my only request came from a spam link to a senior citizens dating website called “Old Dogs Seeking New Tricks.”

What matters is that I have been unable to shake a stalker called “Granny C-Pap.”

Ok, fine. What matters is that a single nose photo has garnered Stanley more attention from social media than anything I have posted on Twitter, WordPress, Instagram or Facebook combined — including the time I accidentally Tweeted a shot of myself (intended for my wife) playing naked Twister alone. The fact that I was able to touch my right foot to red and left hand to yellow, spin the dial and snap a selfie should’ve warranted a bigger response. I mean, aside than 175 “unfollows” in less than 15 minutes — Which, by the way, I think there should be some kind Twitter trophy for.

But I digress. To all of you asking for Stanley’s full-body shot, I have posted the one above.

I just want to make it clear that I am not the least bit disappointed that my dog’s wet nose has created a firestorm of interest while, less than a week ago, an image suggesting my potential nakedness created the kind of buzz you can only get by standing next to a fly strip! Ha Ha! I simply don’t need that kind of affirmation! In fact, I couldn’t be happier for Stanley and the kind of attention his nose has captured!


Oops — How did THAT get in there..?

48 thoughts on “NO, it doesn’t bother me my dog has more selfie requests than I do

  1. I love how his selfie shot is of him lying on an area rug!

    Maybe we should start to question if that rash on his privates is truly a skin “allergy”. Hmmm?

    I ain’t touching that!

  2. If you ever go the anonymous informant route with your journalism, might I suggest Deep Nostril? Terrible porn film, but I think you have the nose hair trimmer to pull it off (or pluck it out, as it were).

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