Invisible Man denies being no-show on Capitol Hill

Image courtesy of my friends at The Grimm Report
Image courtesy of my friends at The Grimm Report

(A special report as Chief Political Correspondent for my friends at The Grimm Report )

In a surprise move earlier this week, President Obama appointed Dr. Jack Griffin, better known as “The Invisible Man,” to be a special mediator to hasten talks between democrats and republicans on Capitol Hill. The appointment was called the “ultimate move in transparency” by Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid. That sentiment was not shared by Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who called the move “Hollow.”

Monday, things got off to a rocky start when Griffin, arriving in a three-piece suit and his customary head-bandage wrap, was detained and strip-searched by security until a full background check could be completed.

“It was not racial profiling,” insisted Capitol Building security director Bill Schlepindorf. “We just thought he was lost.”

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9 thoughts on “Invisible Man denies being no-show on Capitol Hill”

    1. Dr. Griffin said, on behalf of the average American, he will continue to turn a blind eye toward partisanship and remain until he gets the job done. He also said it’s really easy to get free beer when you’re invisible.

      I don’t know why he said that.

  1. You know what I thought was funny was when I read the Invisible Man title and then when I clicked on it to read it all I got was a message saying that it wasn’t there…ya had me goin’ for a bit there Ned.

    1. I so sorry about that, REDdog! I discovered the error last night. As you can see, I’m a real techno-whiz (or is that wiz?) Anyway, it was kind of fitting! Lol! The link is fixed, if you care to read the rest.

      Or you can opt to think of my error as a filibuster.

      Cheers, REDdog!

    1. I mentioned your name and he said he remembers that date. He said he apologizes for trying to get you drunk and convince you that you’d be invisible too if you took your clothes off. He said he doesn’t feel he could ever show his face again…

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