Coming soon to a group meeting near you: My shameless self promotional tour

As you can see, I'm positioning myself for potential sponsorship from Swanson's.
As you can see, I’m positioning myself for potential sponsorship from Swanson’s.
This morning officially kicked off my book promotion junket — or in my case, dinghy — by speaking at the Unitarian Universalist Church.

My topic?

Biblical Prophecy and Its Warnings About Miley Cyrus.

At least, that was going to be my topic. But following the advice of my publisher, Ellen, I made a last-minute topic change:

Life Without Humor is No Laughing Matter (Get it?)

The final cover art, inspired by a familiar image, which I took years ago of my son (in yellow with his back to camera) and his friends.
The final cover art, inspired by a familiar image, which I took years ago of my son (in yellow with his back to camera) and his friends.
With the new book jacket finalized and things entering the printing phase for December publication, I have begun the process of increasing my visibility. In the past, this just meant eating more and going to the gym less.

But because Ellen is a professional who wants this book to be successful, and because she knows my well-thought-out publicity campaign would involve little more than appearances at Cold Stone locations throughout the U.S., she has urged me to accept offers to speak anywhere, any time, even if it means singing a happy birthday song with bewildered waitresses at Applebee’s (Which was a total bust, by the way, at least until I got a piece of cake.)

So don’t be surprised if I show up at your next Bunko Night, Elks Lodge dinner, church bazaar, AA meeting or Le Maze class. Although the Le Maze class isn’t really, uh… contractual.

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69 thoughts on “Coming soon to a group meeting near you: My shameless self promotional tour”

  1. Do I need to warm up the pom-poms? Writer groupies use pom-poms, right? I think that’s in the groupie handbook, which I think you wrote too, right? Anyway, let me know, I would hate to miss a supportive gig.

    Have a great time!

    1. Thank you! Because it’s my son and his friends, the cover has special meaning for me. Plus, having someone other than me on the front will definitely sell more books 😉

  2. Eff you, you eff? Seriously? Not sure why they need a talk on humour when they chose that acronym

    You know you have a place to stay should your Grande Tour make a stop in Toronto

      1. Lol! I was waiting to see if you’d notice and you didn’t disappoint! Well done 😉

        (On a different note, I posted an apology of sorts to your “about” page over the weekend — I hope you got it. I don’t apologize often. Not because I’m a jerk, but because I’m practically infallible…)

  3. No chances of you coming my way either. Looking forward to reading about your tour on your blog though.
    p.s. Still giggling at the contractual obligations at the Lamaze class 🙂 🙂

  4. I think everyone getting ready to whip up their Thanksgiving feast will notice the article regarding your speaking engagement because it’s conveniently located next to the 2/$1.00 chicken broth special. 😉

        1. I actually took the photo about four years ago. He’s my son’s friend (My son is the one in the yellow sweatshirt with his back to the camera.) They were on a carnival ride and his expression just cracked me up. Still does!

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