Share in something viral without the need for antibiotics!

imageThe kindness of fellow bloggers never ceases to amaze me, especially when it comes to anything viral. In this case, I’m talking about something I got from Tom Nardone, who, in addition to being a hilarious and insightful writer, is a giving person. In fact, he gave me this highly infectious book promo video. Being a decent person, he called me all the way from South Carolina to let me know the infection is spreading. After finding this out, and because I’m not sure if this will be covered under America’s new health care, I felt an obligation to let all of you know.

That said, you can have yourself checked out by clicking here.

For those wanting to receive immediate treatment, you can purchase Humor at the Speed of Life here, without a prescription, and get things cleared up by Christmas…

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71 thoughts on “Share in something viral without the need for antibiotics!”

    1. Thanks, Victoria 🙂

      It was totally unexpected. He left a message on my Facebook with a link and the words “You’re Gonna Love This!”

      He was right — very cool.

      And thanks for the congrats, Victoria 😉

      — Ned

    2. Thanks Victoria. What I did for Ned Hickson is not anything that any blogger with balls of steel wouldn’t do for a friend who has achieved such a milestone achievement. Ned is himself a giver perhaps more so than most of his followers are aware. Your own kindness is not lost on me and I thank you for the words.

      1. Hi Tom, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. You nailed it about Ned being a giver. I’ve only recently discovered his blog and I’m smitten by his generosity — a giver of his time and knowledge, even to total strangers. Yet he never makes you feel like a stranger, but part of the family. I love that.

        You are quite the giver yourself. =) Hope your holidays are awesome, and Happy New Year..


    1. Tom is a terrific human being with a truly unique perspective and writing voice. And perhaps most impressively, he has learned to live his life on his own term despite having a Southern accent….

        1. I have to say, in all seriousness, a female Southern accent has the same affect on me that a British or Australian accent has on most women. Although I’ve never screamed and fainted.

      1. I do not have a southern accent. I think Ned was drinking and he heard what he wanted to hear. People everyday ask me where I am from because I don’t have a southern accent. Just for the record.

              1. I spoke in a video post damn you and there was no southern accent. I am Tom Nardone and if I had a southern accent it would therefore be awesome. I am the embodiment of awesomeness. I just happen not to have a southern accent Ned. Don’t make me embarrass you in front if your friends. 🙂

        1. I’m still trying to figure out how you wrote my name on a urinal cake. It must’ve either been a really big cake or a really small…

          Oh…OK — I get it now.

      1. …well actually i meant, when you came all up in that spaceship suit…i was like…SHUT UP! well…really…the first one with the sunglasses. Maybe it was the music. I was digging it…i had adminstrators all in here droolin…and then I was like..GET OUT…BUT YOU CAN BUY THE BOOOOOKKKKK….

          1. Oh tom. You did an Fantastic job!! I was all into you being man enough to say you loved Ned Hickson. That right there was EPIC.
            SO I followed suit via twitter and expressed my love as well.

            I wanna be viral. Like…Sandra bullock.
            Dang. I’d beg of you to do me….but that might come across as way wrong tom……way wrong. 😀

              1. Well by all means. Make me viral and immune to all things other than Sandra and Julia Roberts. You have your work cut out for you. 😉.

                This will take many years of your life span. Thank you tom. Thank you.

              1. …you know…I thought about puttng myself out there on Groupon. viral speaking….(its been awhile…should it tell that?)

                I could do it with your book? Dont know how well your book would sell…… tom?

          1. ….the women were drooling…I was like…GET OUTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! but…here is where you can order your personal copy. TOLD ya I could sell your book.
            Giving thanks to Tom for the remarkable youtube.

            I want him as my friend…so when I face congress…oh yeah…or not. I just want to be viral….it cant hurt my chances of finding a man.

    1. Yeah, that was SO cool and a total surprise when he sent me the link. My family totally cracked up. And my wife asked me to dress as an astronaut before coming to bed.

      And no need to run, Beth. I’m sure Tom will wait for you to catch up 😉

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