An observation at my fridge reveals “Gender-vision”

image Yes, this is an honest, unaltered view of the current state of our refrigerator. It’s exactly how it looked when I opened it this morning. If I were a scientist, I would call this my “control subject.” I would also probably be wearing a Haz-Mat suit complete with breathing apparatus. Not that our refrigerator itself is a bio-hazard. It’s actually pretty clean. It’s the stuff inside the small containers somewhere in the back, tucked behind the Christmas dinner leftovers (Hey, from 2013!) that pose the biggest threat should their air-locked containers be accidentally breached.

“Hey, what’s in this Tupperwa… [Pffffffft!] Oh GOD, what have I DONE!”

However, the potential threat my refrigerator poses to anyone within a three-mile radius is not the point of this post. It’s actually to provide official documentation a phenomenon I am calling Gender-vision®, which is: The viewing of the same image by two individuals, but with different points of interest depending on their gender.

It’s no mystery I made this discovery with my own refrigerator being the impromptu test subject. Nor is it mystery as to which point of interest caught my eye first. I think it offers compelling evidence substantiating my Gender-vision® theory. In the name of science I will continue to document cases of Gender-vision® as they present themselves. Assuming the leftovers don’t get me first.

(Ned Hickson is a syndicated columnist with News Media Corporation. His first book, Humor at the Speed of Life, is available from Port Hole Publications, or Barnes & Noble.)

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19 thoughts on “An observation at my fridge reveals “Gender-vision””

    1. You’re probably right, Eric. It could be hilarious with the right host and formula. I have no connections, however, so it seems it will be a Ned’s Blog exclusive 😉

  1. hmmm… it’s hard to say because obviously the circles draw the eye immediate to the site… but I think the first thing I would notice is the Taco Bell cup and wondering why someone went without me… lol…

  2. What’s in the orange container on the right? What leftovers are in the bowl on the top shelf? You’re right. I don’t care about the breasts.

    At our house, we all open the refrigerator door numerous times throughout the day and stare. We can’t seem to stop. Do we think the Taco Bell fairy might have shown up in between door opens and dropped a bunch of tacos in there? Well, yes, we do.

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