Evidence shows even “Grimm” actresses need humor between takes

image The elite HATSOL (Humor at the Speed of Life) Surveillance Team, utilizing a tiny camera cleverly hidden inside an inconspicuous fake poinsettia, has penetrated the high security that surrounds filming of NBC’s Grimm in Portland, Ore. After several hours and dozens of images of people pointing to the poinsettia with a quizzical expression, this photo of Grimm actress Jennifer Connor reading my book between takes was captured.

“I love your book, so I’m doing my best to get it out there in weird places. Or at least out of the bathroom,” Jennifer said to an anonymous HATSOL team member posing as a poinsettia wrangler on the set. “But really — a poinsettia?

Hey, there was a clearance after the holidays…

24 thoughts on “Evidence shows even “Grimm” actresses need humor between takes

  1. How do I know you didn’t photoshop that book into her hands? I don’t know what to believe anymore. I think the main main in that Grimm show went to the same high school as me, not that anybody asked. Lol. How are sales going, Ned?

    • Hey, Don! That’s a fair question. Taking it a step further, how do you know I didn’t Photoshop that bag of popcorn into the photo, which many would agree is more exciting than my book? Especially if it’s with extra butter.

      as for the boo itself, sales are going pretty good, I think. I honestly don’t keep track of that stuff and leave it to my publisher. I figure, if she’s not calling me and saying “You STINK!” than I must be doing ok.

      By the way, didn’t the main character from Grimm go to the same high school you did? (Now you can honestly say someone asked 😉 )

  2. I can’t even finish writing my second book or get anyone to read my first book. You are my new God, Ned.
    Feel free to accept this 5×5 invitation and rock my blog to its core.

    • That sounds fair 😉 And as much as I’d like to take credit for the photo, it arrived on its own merits via Facebook. Amazing what a well-placed poinsettia can do…

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