That time I was interviewed by Suz Jones while her cat ate my book

Catnip ink is cheaper, but there are drawbacks.
Catnip ink is cheaper, but there are drawbacks.
This morning I had the privilege of being interviewed by Suz Jones over at It Goes On as this week’s Fellow Blogger guest. She asked a lot of great questions and I revealed some things I normally wouldn’t, which taught me a valuable lesson about not wearing baggy shorts when being interviewed.

I also learned that my book seems to be as popular with cats as it is with dogs. Maybe it’s the section on pets (Why Is the Dog Wearing Cowboy Boots?), or maybe it’s that the quality of writing appeals to the standard reading level of most house pets. Whatever the reason, Suz’s cat really ate up my book. Starting with the corners.

I’d like to thank Suz for having me as a guest, and for going to the extra trouble of making authentic Australian “shrimp on the barbie.” I’m also glad her cat liked my book so much, which meant more shrimp for me.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s interview, along with a link to the rest at Suz’s blog…

Well Ned, welcome. I’ve been looking forward to having you here on the couch to discuss your blog and what blogging is to you. Tell me what drew you to blogging?

I had been hearing about blogging for a several years and, because I am savvy when it comes to all social and technological trends, I immediately assumed it was a network of swingers. Eventually, a friend explained to me what a blog is, and that “everyone” had their own blog. To prove his point, he showed me my Labrador’s blog, StanleySits. That’s when I decided it was time to launch my own blog. If for no other reason than to deny some of Stanley’s accusations about never getting table scraps.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. But I’m not going to help Stanley promote his blog by revealing its real name. Let him get his own interview for that.

I was also drawn to blogging because, as a columnist, I saw it as a way to connect with readers in ways I can’t through newspapers. Being able to post something and have the chance to instantly communicate with people about it is one of the things I enjoy most about blogging. I have also been able to discover some terrific writers who I now call friends — with the understanding that I never call them directly… (read the rest here)

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I was a journalist, humor columnist, writer and editor at Siuslaw News for 23 years. The next chapter in my own writer’s journey is helping other writers prepare their manuscript for the road ahead. I'm married to the perfect woman, have four great kids, and a tenuous grip on my sanity...

31 thoughts on “That time I was interviewed by Suz Jones while her cat ate my book”

  1. I almost fainted at “I’ve been looking forward to having you here on the couch” but you guys were just talking. Thank god. I thought this book thing had made you some sort of adulterous sex addict jerk!

      1. Thank you kind sir 😀
        I had fun with all this. One post each evening has now come to an end. I will however run it weekly from this point on. Thanks for the suggestion on that one 🙂
        And the cat has lost interest in your book. Which is just as well because it now means I can read it 😉

  2. Loved the interview, a great way to get acquainted ! Thanks for meandering through my blog, I am quickly becoming a big fan over here….but in a literary context, not a creepy stalker kind of way….

    1. My pleasure! I got a kick out of your “411” page, and the many truths you listed — all recognized by parent who doesn’t have a nanny. Or much sanity left. I’m looking forward to following your stuff 😉

  3. The speed of my life is not allowing me to read your book of humor at the pace I would like. After this weekend, my nose will be in the book….and then I will have to hold the book out a bit further to read it. I’m getting older and I don’t wanna talk about it…..

  4. My husband is wondering why I can’t stop laughing over here… I just discovered your blog! We have a small herd of animals who I’m sure would very much enjoy your book. Then I might peruse what’s left of it.

    1. If animals had access to the Internet, imagine the kind of traffic my blog would get 😉

      And I wouldn’t wait too long to let your husband know why your laughing. He might get worried.

      Thanks for reading, Kathryn!

  5. I just commented over at Suz’s blog, but I’ll comment here, as well.

    I loved your interview. I had no idea you were such a prolific and disciplined writer. I’m feeling really inspired by your commitment, and by the quote you use for inspiration.

    Thanks, Ned. You’re a great blogger!

    1. Thanks, Samara 😉 Suz had some great questions that made my job easy. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview,and that the quote resonated with you. When I left the restaurant business 15 years ago, I gave up the Daytimer and my watch — no more living by the clock. I still remember my mantra, though.

      I’m glad it could offer you some inspiration.

  6. I’m so glad you introduced us to Suz. She is a hoot and goodness…a busy, busy girl! I enjoyed her post as well as your responses. I really loved your reveal on why you started blogging and it’s one of my favorite parts in your book. YES…I started reading your book (I had 4 or 5 airplane trips last week) and haven’t quit laughing. The biggest belly laugh so far has been imagining you laying fetal position lost in your grass before the first season’s mow. In fact, word has it the the HATSOL crew may have captured me reading the book while sitting atop a REAL lawnmower. Tell me where to send the picture and the remote HATSOL photographer (my son) will send it via carrier pigeon.
    (and I hope that nasty flu bug of yours is gone!!)

    1. An anonymous member of the HATSOL surveillance team did contact me about a woman riding a lawn mower while reading my book, who also cut a swath through several neighbors’ yards and two mail boxes. Was that YOU?! I’m just glad I live too far away to worry about laying in a fetal position in my grass when you come through 😉

      So glad you’re enjoying the book, Michelle! And yes, the flu has finally mostly passed — weee-Hoooo!

      By the way, my HATSOL contact email is 😉

      1. I’m pleading the 5th on the whole several neighbors over, wide swath and mailbox destruction thing. Unless you can produce the photos, it never happened.

        (Glad you are better!)

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