According to this review, my book could be the next Magic 8-Ball

Robyn Lawson, aka ""Blog Woman!" consults my book for its wisdom. Keep looking, Robyn...

Robyn L., aka “Blog Woman!” consults my book for its wisdom. Keep looking, Robyn…

Before getting to the most recent review of my book, I have been instructed by my lawyer to issue the following disclaimer:

Warning: Humor at the Speed of Life should not be considered a substitute for a certified life coach, or used as guide in making major life decisions, or even deciding on what to have for dinner. Should you decide to use it for this purpose by randomly picking passages in a fashion similar to a Magic 8-Ball, results may vary, particularly if you happen to choose anything from the section Women are from Venus and Men Won’t Ask for Directions.

That said, I’d like to thank Robyn L. from Blog Woman!!! for this insightful review that has made my lawyer more nervous than Justin Bieber getting dropped off in Compton…

I just received my copy of Ned Hickson’s book, Humor at the Speed of Life. Interestingly, its arrival coincided with my receiving a blog post that offered corresponding wisdom for the ages.


Allow me to point out the simpatico quote as guided by fate, and page 45:

Private areas will be covered by a strategically positioned prop, such as an AARP card.”

Thus I can now honestly say that this book has already provided deep insight into my being-ness in finally defining my love life. I guess I can also feel great relief and even gratitude that this knowledge notes that I can expect a certain satisfaction well into my advanced years.

The read so far has been another fun trip into Ned’s finely humorous take on daily survival. I can only expect that the rest of this book will also reveal the answers to the other mysteries of my existence, and perhaps even enlighten me of my one true purpose.

Enlightenment comes from within the shadows.

With highest regards,
Robyn L. AKA Blog Woman!!!

25 thoughts on “According to this review, my book could be the next Magic 8-Ball

  1. One of y’all owes me a Diet Pepsi. And possibly a new computer keyboard. That’ll teach me to read while drinking…

  2. Well now, Ned, I didn’t realize you had a book out too! Congratulations! I’ll have to investigate. One quick observation – what if Robyn’s interpretation of that “meaning of life” pg 45 quote is actually slightly different? For instance she is left completely naked except for her AARP card hanging on an especially long lanyard around her neck (“Private areas will be covered by a strategically positioned prop…”) Of, course, that too could be indicative of a very healthy love life – albeit somewhat kinky…

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