Is Pluto a planet or whiner? This and four other questions I answered for The Hook

image Today I had the privilege of riding an elevator with a hotel bellman who simply goes by the name of The Hook. I can only assume it’s a nickname based on his ability to multitask with people’s luggage, and not in reference to a past crime he may or may not have committed. Regardless of the reason, he is a genuinely nice guy with an exceptional sense of humor who likes to ask a lot of questions. By the time we reached my room on the second floor, we had discussed everything from whether Pluto is getting a raw deal, to the best thing about being Justin Bieber. Believe it or not, I actually had answers to those along with three other equally penetrating questions — which I swear isn’t as painful as it sounds.

Here’s the link to our conversation on The Hook

20 thoughts on “Is Pluto a planet or whiner? This and four other questions I answered for The Hook

  1. I always go out of my way to be a kind and gentle interviewer, Ned. The last thing I want is a blog post entitled “I Was Penetrated By The Hook and It Sucked!”, to start making the rounds on WordPress – or the Tube8 blog…

    Anyhoo, thanks for being a gracious and fascinating guest, Ned. I’ll have to return the favor someday.

    • Thank you for having me. And for being gentle.
      Not that those two things are related in the way it sounds.

      Truly though, thanks for the opportunity to be a part of The Hook. Looking forward to a chance to get together again soon.

  2. It was a planet when I was a kid too, so it’s a planet as far as I’m concerned still! You can’t just change that. There’s as much life on Pluto as their is on Jupiter, as far as we know…probably!

    • That makes two of us! Who cares if we’re the only ones. Besides, we call ourselves a planet, even though there are times when I know the amount of intelligent life on Earth is the same as on Pluto.

    • Thanks, Steve! He had some really great questions that caught me off guard. I was all ready with my “what kind of salad dressing would you be?” answer: Anything whipped.

  3. I just commented on the Hook’s page – “You guys are like the dynamic duo without the spandex….”
    Oh, I agree with your Wm Shatner answer except for Denny Crane – Loved that show.
    Great interview!

  4. You know, I think Pluto was reclassed as a minor or dwarf planet cause the International Astronomical Union (wow! a mouthful.) felt pressure from the media to accord the object some other title than Round Rock in Space (RRS).

    Personally, I think Pluto is an outpost of evil aliens that want to reclassify all the planets in the Solar System.

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