Is Pluto a planet or whiner? This and four other questions I answered for The Hook

image Today I had the privilege of riding an elevator with a hotel bellman who simply goes by the name of The Hook. I can only assume it’s a nickname based on his ability to multitask with people’s luggage, and not in reference to a past crime he may or may not have committed. Regardless of the reason, he is a genuinely nice guy with an exceptional sense of humor who likes to ask a lot of questions. By the time we reached my room on the second floor, we had discussed everything from whether Pluto is getting a raw deal, to the best thing about being Justin Bieber. Believe it or not, I actually had answers to those along with three other equally penetrating questions β€” which I swear isn’t as painful as it sounds.

Here’s the link to our conversation on The Hook

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20 thoughts on “Is Pluto a planet or whiner? This and four other questions I answered for The Hook”

  1. I always go out of my way to be a kind and gentle interviewer, Ned. The last thing I want is a blog post entitled “I Was Penetrated By The Hook and It Sucked!”, to start making the rounds on WordPress – or the Tube8 blog…

    Anyhoo, thanks for being a gracious and fascinating guest, Ned. I’ll have to return the favor someday.

    1. Thank you for having me. And for being gentle.
      Not that those two things are related in the way it sounds.

      Truly though, thanks for the opportunity to be a part of The Hook. Looking forward to a chance to get together again soon.

  2. It was a planet when I was a kid too, so it’s a planet as far as I’m concerned still! You can’t just change that. There’s as much life on Pluto as their is on Jupiter, as far as we know…probably!

    1. That makes two of us! Who cares if we’re the only ones. Besides, we call ourselves a planet, even though there are times when I know the amount of intelligent life on Earth is the same as on Pluto.

  3. A lost boy such as yourself is perfect for an interview by The Hook. And I am glad I did a second take, because I could have sworn at first glance that you were on an elevator with a hooker.

    1. Thanks, Steve! He had some really great questions that caught me off guard. I was all ready with my “what kind of salad dressing would you be?” answer: Anything whipped.

  4. I just commented on the Hook’s page – “You guys are like the dynamic duo without the spandex….”
    Oh, I agree with your Wm Shatner answer except for Denny Crane – Loved that show.
    Great interview!

  5. You know, I think Pluto was reclassed as a minor or dwarf planet cause the International Astronomical Union (wow! a mouthful.) felt pressure from the media to accord the object some other title than Round Rock in Space (RRS).

    Personally, I think Pluto is an outpost of evil aliens that want to reclassify all the planets in the Solar System.

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