Alligators, erotica and other interview styles (part 2)

image Welcome to another edition of Ned’s Nickel’s Worth on Writing, a weekly feature when I utilize my 15 years as a newspaper columnist to offer writing insights that Publishers Digestion has called “…nuggets of wisdom similar to McDonald’s Dippers; in either case, we aren’t sure where they come from…” Or what The Master of Horror® Stephen King has heralded as, “…The last word in writing advice. Just as soon as my lawyers get involved…”

But enough accolades!

As I mentioned last week, this two-part series is a bit of a departure from my normal NWOW. Not only because of the kinky search-term hits I’ll be receiving due to having “alligator” and “erotica” in the same title, but also because it’s the second half of a post focusing on how different interview styles get subjects to reveal different things about themselves. In scientific terms, think of me as the “control subject” while Marcia Meara and Eden Baylee are the variables. Or put another way, see how Marcia’s threat of unleashing an albino alligator prompts a different answer than Eden’s constant slapping of a feather whip against her chair leg.

All kidding aside, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Marcia last week on her site Bookin’ It, where she reviews books and has author interviews each Wednesday. She is also the author of the Florida swampland thriller Swamp Ghost (Don’t blame me if you have nightmares about albino alligators) and Wake-Robin Ridge, a paranormal romance thriller that has been known to freak out albino alligators. Marcia is also a hilariously hip grandmother.

Marcia’s easy conversational style is an interesting contrast to the more provocative and straightforward questions posed by erotica poet and novelist Eden Baylee who, in addition to having eight highly popular books to her name and new release Stranger At Sunset due out June 30, has a wicked sense of humor and is extremely supportive of writers — with or without the feather whip

Why am I doing this? After completing these two interviews, I was struck by how each distinct style prompted me to reveal different things about myself, and the lessons I learned about how the same subject can offer different perspectives based on the approach and style of the interviewer.

So while I figure out how to remove these velvet handcuffs, here’s today’s interview with Eden Baylee…


Eden Baylee
Eden Baylee
On more than one occasion, I’ve done a spit-take while reading one of this writer’s blog posts. It’s my great pleasure to introduce him to you, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so much conducting an author interview. Thanks Ned, I need to clean my computer screen again! That’s the last time I drink expensive scotch while I’m reading your stuff!

Please give a warm welcome to Jurnalist and funny man, Ned Hickson.

Ned, how would your best friend describe you in 20 words or less?
“He is thoughtful, funny, attentive, romantic and without question the most incredible lover I have ever had.” (Did I mention my wife is my best friend? I probably should have said that first.)

Yes, that might have helped! Are you a full-time writer or do you have a day job?
I have worked full time as a journalist since 1998, when I lucked into the job here at Siuslaw News after a reporter position opened up. It doesn’t matter that I’m the one who ran him over. Three times. What matters is that is was ruled “accidental.” And because it happened in front of the newspaper office, I was the first to apply for the position.

(Read the rest of Eden’s interview HERE…)

(Ned Hickson is a syndicated columnist with News Media Corporation. His first book, Humor at the Speed of Life, is available from Port Hole Publications, or Barnes & Noble.)

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14 thoughts on “Alligators, erotica and other interview styles (part 2)”

  1. I see what you mean about different interviewers eliciting different answers from a single victim er… subject. Eden seemed to keep you mindful of your “better half.” I wonder what that’s all about? 😉
    To those who have not read the complete interview yet you are going to want to keep a mouthful of your favorite beverage in your mouth and train a video camera at yourself while you read. Don’t ask why… but please do.

    1. You are very observant 😉 And by that I mean my wife is definitely my better half. In fact, if I had a either half of her I’d never get any work done…

      By the way, may I suggest a mouthful of Throwback Pepsi and marshmallows?

  2. I hopped over to Eden’s site and read the hilarious interview. That said, I couldn’t get past the line about mounting a toilet without doing the weekly spew on the keyboard…a lot more difficult when it’s a PBJ and not Mountain Dew.

    The coolest part was reading her post, remembering last weeks and thinking how their styles were both interesting and entertaining. THEN, I pop over here and read your words. Turns out that was your intent. Ding! Ding! Ding! Maybe I’m learning something? Maybe?

    Hubby doesn’t quite know what to do with this writerly side of me. We just finished watching the F/X series, “Fargo.” In one of the last scenes, I was completely overwhelmed by the obvious metaphor, the intricacy of the characters and wailed at the sadness of it being done.

    He just said, “You seemed more normal before you started writing.”

    (If you haven’t already, you must watch Fargo. Wicked and delightful!)

    1. Hahaha! Your husband wouldn’t know what to do with you if you weren’t your “new normal.”

      And as for “Fargo,” I’ve heard good things and will probably have a marathon soon with my wife. Um, watching the F/X series, I mean…

  3. all I can say is what kind of crazy person would eat pez before putting it in the dispenser… that’s just wrong…

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