Six provocative doodles worth a Long Awkward Pause

It’s Saturday morning and time for The Saturday Six! No, that doesn’t mean a six-pack of PBR. It’s when I and the rest of the staff at Long Awkward Pause offer our thoughts on six unique items which — much like the Kardashians — are loosely related. This week’s subject? When provocative doodle-pad doodles go way wrong.

For example…

1. Doodle Provocative Ninja!


Omawarisan: “Everything was going well. None of them looked up. Not a one. And then, I fell.”

Ned: “And night after night, as the Seven Dwarves slept, Snow White continued her double life as a blood thirsty killer within the Enchanted Forest…” — From “Snow White, The Lost Years”

Chris: One thing I have noticed is that you can’t be an out of shape ninja. Their clothes are too tight.

Jack: That reminds me, I have to take Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon back to the Redbox.

(Because “doodling” only sounds inappropriate, it’s OK to see more at LAP…)

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3 thoughts on “Six provocative doodles worth a Long Awkward Pause”

  1. I never bought into the seven dwarfs. Hi Ho and off to work I go. Slaves in the mines, and what did they mine. Did Snow White mind them. Did she tend their cottage and become their slave as a maid. The relationships are wrong and not moral. The book should be condemned and not allowed in the libraries or read to easily disturbed children. It is amazing but you can stretch any fairy tale to the extreme and come up on the wrong side of morality.

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