This is 29 seconds neither my cat or I will ever get back

I realize many of you have to come expect very high-brow, sophisticated posts here. In fact, it is often referred to as “the thinking man’s humor blog.” Maybe not in so many words, but I know what people are getting at when they comment: “Farting is so FUNNY!”

But today’s post is a deviation (see the kind of vocabulary I’m talking about?) from the regular. It is a short exploritory video that, in fact, expresses that I have my occasional moments of irregularity.

It might also explain why our cat sometimes poops in my shoes…

Please don’t judge me.

(I actually meant the cat.)

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53 thoughts on “This is 29 seconds neither my cat or I will ever get back”

    1. You noticed that, too?! Haha!
      That I’m a tease I mean…

      I like how after the fourth time, she pauses before meowing, as if to say, “Really? This is happening?”

  1. It has finally happened Ned – you are reduced to making cat videos. **Sob** Oh, Ned! How could this have happened to such a young man and world famous long-jump expert?! Ha!

    Funny video- I especially liked the credits – such an artistque flourish. Your cat looks like it has a sense of humor – not that I would expect otherwise. My girl friend had a scrawny little calico cat that would run like heck when you chased her and then wait around a corner and jump out at you on her hind legs. Later, when you were engaged in something else, she would lay in wait and then chase you through the house. I would hide around a corner to surprise her, but she was not as stupid as me and would not come around the corner- just sit and out wait me. Anyway, I came to think that this was normal cat behaviour. So when i went to visit my Mum, i chased her two cats (who were apparently wooses) wanting to play and they were terrified. I think I did them serious psychological damage as they ran under my Mum’s bed and would not come out for the whole week I was there. She had to feed them under the bed and put their litter box under the bed. Oh well. πŸ™‚

    1. It IS sad, Isn’t it? Not just my long jump, but what I’ve been reduced to. But at least I don’t have psychological scarring on my conscience.

      Not to cats, anyway…

      1. Having just read your Motor Vehicle training tweet – i suspect your psychological scarring will come with driver training – both for you and the kids. ha!

    1. Just watched it again, cuz…funny. and realized you weren’t opening a door but peaking around the corner, so disregard the door comment above.

      1. After watching it again, I can see how it could be mistaken for a door opening and closing. Either way, my cat is frustrated and that’s all that matters…

    1. The sad part is it all started because I was going to throw clothes into the dryer. Then one thing led to another… and… I’m not sure I ever actually got the clothes inbto the dryer.

        1. I joke, but she’s actually a pretty cool cat. I’ve had her since my first marriage…

          …come to think of it, THAT’S probably why she sounds like that..

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