Some weeks, my life is a blooper reel

image Several weeks ago, my blogging friend Alan W. King asked me if I’d be interested in participating in a short film project by answering a few questions about writing. I immediately told him “Of course! Anything I can do to help!”

“Great. You’ll need to record it on-camera,” he said.

“Oops! I almost forgot. I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with something. Possibly fatal. My ear hurts.”

But Alan is good and talented man, dedicated to his craft and working hard to make both a career and a family. In fact, he’s most likely working hard at one of them this very moment. Needless to say, I agreed — and naturally procrastinated until the last minute. So in addition to moving into our new house this week, I also started recording my answers for Alan’s project yesterday.

Maybe it’s the stress of moving.
Maybe it’s because I’m recording my answers at 5 a.m.
Maybe it’s the first signs of aging.

Whatever the reason, here is proof of why I became a writer instead of an actor…

36 thoughts on “Some weeks, my life is a blooper reel

  1. Love the Spiderman figure who looked down over your video production. So inspirational.

    Ned the Man, Ned the Man,
    Does whatever a writer can
    Spins a web, any size,
    Catches readers just like flies
    Look Out!
    Here comes Ned the Man.

    Ned the Man, Ned the Man
    Friendly neighborhood Ned the Man
    Wealth and fame
    He’s ignored
    Action is his reward.

    In the chill of night
    At the scene of a fire
    Like a streak of light
    He arrives when it’s dire.

    Is he strong?
    Listen bud,
    He’s got volunteer fireman’s blood.
    Can he swing from a ladder
    Take a look, you’ll never be gladder
    Hey, there
    There goes Ned the Man.

    To him, life is a great big bang up
    Wherever there’s a hang up
    You’ll find the Ned the Man.


  2. Oh, I LOVED this. Bahahahahaha!
    This time, I waited until my teleconference was finished – I laughed so hard the dog started barking at me! Tell me that stand-up comedy is on your list of things to do.
    And regarding that fact that you have “no sisters”…don’t feel bad. I have a sister and she says the same thing 🙂

  3. Good blooper reel, Ned. The doorbell sound, however, sent my dog into protect-the-house mode and she scared the cat who then jumped up onto the curtains and pulled them down where they landed on a candle and caught fire. We are now homeless. Thanks a lot, Ned.

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