Oscar Alejandro Plascencia — “Performance of the Year” nominee (La Puente, Ca.)


The first round of voting for this year’s “Performance of the Year” begins TONIGHT at 7 p.m. (Pacific) at The Public Blogger. As I mentioned earlier, it’s sort of like the blogging world’s version of The Oscars, with a little American Idle thrown in. Except we don’t let Paula Abdul spike her Coke with Jack Daniels.

Anyway, there are 11 nominees, and one of us will be voted out each week until Dec. 30, beginning with the first round of voting tonight.

Yesterday, I began featuring each of the other nominees so you get a chance to see their work. There are five genres represented — artists, writers, photographers and singers. Oh, and one humorist. (I won’t make you guess because it would be embarrassing for us both if you get it wrong).

Please take the opportunity to vote tonight, even if it’s not for me. Details are at the bottom of this post… along with a photo of the many homeless kittens I have saved through my religious outreach program that also feeds hungry children around the world and provides Perrier water to Californians. But don’t let that influence your decision when you vote.

In the meantime, meet artist and evocative poet Oscar Alejandro Plascencia



Still Hanging On
It’s been so long that I can’t remember
the details of how I ended up here,
but there are emotions that come through clear
to remind me we are not together.

And there are some that just make me shiver,
if I give in to Hope and pray you’re near,
for it’s your love that I both miss and fear
knowing that this penance is forever.

So I dangle where you left me that day,
naked and exposed and played like a pawn,
suspended in midair like captured prey
waiting to be skinned, but to find you’ve gone.

And though years I’ve waited, day after day,
I’m sure you know that I’m still hanging on.

For more of Oscar’s poetry, click HERE


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